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Hi.....My 4 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with viral asthma so I'm quite familiar with the whole a&e, prednisolone, neb etc. She is also taking montelukast every night.

However, to my shock my 6 yr old son woke up on Tuesday after having a cough since Sunday & I noticed his breathing was shallow & he was working far too hard to breath normally. This is a first (since he was about 2 yrs old) I took him to a&e & he was put on nebs & is now on day 2 of prednisolone. I have kept him off school but am wondering if I should be sending him back b4 Monday? He seems ok, but as soon as he becomes slightly active he is coughing.My heart is saying keep him home till Monday, finish his regular pumps & prednisolone but my head is saying he needs his school (he can't afford to be off, bless him). However, think I've answered my own question reading this back.....For the sake of 2 days he is best to fully recover, complete meds & go back fresh 100% on Monday :-) ? Thanks for listening x

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Hi samo!

If it helps, I'd have kept him off too, I've done this with my little boy as IMO it means less time off in the long run with relapses.



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