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Hi guys,

I've heard a few people mention that physio has helped with their asthma and breathing, and I wondered - how would this work? What sort of physio?

I'm really interested in this, as my asthma has been playing up a bit lately, so I was thinking anything that might help is worth a try! (unless someone suggested anything too gross or weird... like gargling sloth spit or something).

Thank you!

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Gargling sloth spit CURES asthma - didn't you know? Oh my, I might have to post about that amazing new cure now... ;)

lol I can guarantee that physio is not that weird. I've been to three lots and am due to see a fourth at the Brompton. If you were thinking it's like the 'usual' sort of physio that more people are familiar with who deal with muscles etc, it's not really. The ones you're thinking of are respiratory physios so they can help with things like shifting stubborn mucus and helping you to breathe better if you've got into bad habits.

If you think your asthma might have messed up your breathing pattern - and apparently most asthmatics do have issues with this at least some of the time - then it would definitely be worth it; they can't cure it but they can help by working out what you might be doing wrong and showing you how to correct it.

I have to say it hasn't helped me that much (maybe stopped me from making things even worse when my lungs are bothering me) but this is probably because I've been sent with the assumption that I was 'just' hyperventilating, which physio should be able to fix on its own; however, with asthma you can't give up the meds etc and it won't cure it, it just might make things better and I think some people have found they're able to decrease meds after discussing with GP.

Might be worth asking your GP about - even if you just go for one or two sessions.


I have physio to help clear mucus from my lungs as I get a lot of chest infections and my lungs seem to lazy to clear themselves :p I find it really useful, and it makes my chest feel SO much clearer, but wouldn't really be useful if you didn't have mucus.

There's also physio for breathing pattern/hyperventilation when they give you breathing exercise to stop attack which aren't necessarily just asthma. If your willing, open and actually take on board what they say it can make a huge difference.

In general though, unless you have one of the above problems physio isn't of that much use to the general asthmatic :( but definitely speak to your GP!


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