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Going to the zoo

I'm off ro the zoo today with my hubby and my little boy. Its the 1st time I've done anything like this since ky flare up began in January and stupidly I'm finding myself a bag of nerves!!!

At the end of the zoo (port lympne wildlife park) there's a really steep long bit which has to be walked and I'm really hoping my lungs behave.

Silly I know, but there it is :-)

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Hi Angelica. I don't think it's silly at all, I think it's only natural that you're nervous about something that can make us feel so poorly. Doing things like this is always a bit of an unknown after a flare up or when not managing good control. My flare up started in February and I'm nervous about most of the things that I do now, especially the untested things, so you're not alone.

I hope your lungs behave today and that you have a nice family day out.

Lou x


Angelica, I know exactly how you feel. I went to the zoo with my son, daughter in law and grandchildren last weekend. Like you I wasn't sure how I would cope with all the walking and was a bit worried about going into the aviary (allergic to feathers) and reptile house (hot and humid)but in the end I managed ok, although I had to do a quick exit from the tropical exhibit when the sprinklers were activated and the humidity increased suddenly. Other than that, I managed fine, even chasing my autistic grandson when he made a dash for freedom. I was exhausted when I got home but had no lasting ill effects and loved every minute of being with the grandchildren.

I hope you cope as well as I did, and that you have a great time.


Thanks Lou and Annista :-)

I had a fab day and coped really well (only glitch was the final bit I mentioned but I just atopped and took my symbicort at intervals) and am happily shattered now!

Thanks for your kind words, its nice to know I'm not being over the top.


So glad you had a good day!

I didn't think you were being over the top either. I think it can be especially hard when you're out with other people and feel (even if it's irrational) that you have to 'keep up' with them, even when it's your family, they're happy to wait for you and understand completely.


Glad you had such a good time. A success like this makes it easier to think about doing something else, doesn't it.


You're both sooooo right!

I'm already thinking well if I coped with that then I can do ......lol!

My husband and friend were both really good, very aware of not rushing amd made me chuckle by almost constantly checking that I was ok and not about to have an attack, I think they were just as nervous as I was :-)

Seriously though, it was lovely to do 'normal' stuff again and it has definitely boosted my confidence.


Great to hear that you had a good day. Now it's time to reach for the moon :)


Well done Angelica - glad you had a good day :-)

I do wish you hadn't planted an earworm for me though ""we're all going to the zoo tomorrow zoo tomorrow zoo tomorrow"" !!!!


He, he, he! ;-)


I am so pleased that you had a good day at the zoo.

I bet your little boy enjoyed himself.


Great to hear Angelica!


Lovely to hear :-)


Really glad you had a good day.


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