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Advise for night cough

Hi, I'm new to this forum :) hoping for some advise! I've had asthma since I was about 10, mostly it's seasonal now (worse in summer) but has also flared up when I've been pregnant. Well, currently I'm subjected to a triple whammy for my asthma and really struggling! Hot weather, hay fever and 18 weeks pregnant. The last 3 days have been awful. I'm taking ventolin and becotide (clenil modulite I think it's now called) four times a day, and sometimes extra ventolin in between. The night time cough is absolutely awful, last night I coughed so hard a) it really hurt, I feel like I've pulled so many muscles! b)I also coughed to the point I gagged and felt like I couldn't breathe in and c) give myself a headache .... so frustrating as I'm exhausted through coughing and lack of sleep now, dreading the school runs as I just have no energy..... anyway, enough moaning .... just wondered if anyone has any tips to help at all to ease the night cough? I'm finding sleeping half sitting up helps a bit, but not really good for being pregnant ..... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Lennie and welcome!

Have u spoken to your gp about reflux? Just a thought as I know when you're pregnant you can suffer from this quite badly qnd it can affect asthma, particularly at night when you lay down and this can cause a bad cough.

Might be worth asking.

Take care x


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