Yesterday and today I have been really struggling with my asthma, very wheezy and very breathless, although I have a chest infection at the moment, I do feel that the hot weather has played its part in as well. I am on all my maximum medications and my peakflow has dropped into my red zone.

So, my question is, has anyone else noticed that their asthma has become worse since this hot weather has started?

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  • I am always affected by hot weather, as soon as the temperature hits 24'C my need for more ventolin starts and add in pollen too and I slow down significantly. I just try and do the necessary physical activities very early or very late in the day.

    If you have a chest infection too asthmagirl that must be uncomfortable!

  • When the air heats up and gets stuffy i really struggle.

    I find a fan really helps as it cools the air down for me.

    I hope your chest infection clears up asthmagirl.


  • I had a bad time in a meeting yesterday - couldn't concentrate on what was being said because my lungs were complaining - no shortness of breath, just felt a bit like inhaling sandpaper. Once I found somewhere cool everything improved. Heat has never affected me before, so I'm a bit taken aback by this. How does everyone else cope with it?

  • YES! Well, it's the hayfever with me, which goes hand in hand.

    Antihistamines, eye drops and Symbicort are my weapons. I'm not sure about simply the heat.

  • the last 2 days have been really hot, but I was ok in it.

    Today however has been different, tight-chested, so the blue inhaler's been used quite a bit today - the only difference is its quite breezy out there today.

    But oh, the worst aspect of summer for me are when the neighbours decide to have a barbeque. The smoke wafting from it is awful, so I had to quickly shut all my windows, doors and vents. But its still quite hot so the fan is on.

  • Hi asthmagirl,

    The hot weather is making my lungs play up also,

    Lots of reliever xxx

  • The last couple of days with the hot weather and my asthma is playing up, so have had to increase steroids up again... I get air alerts and both the PM10 and ozone levels have been high as have been the pollen in the area where I live. I expect if you live in a busy city the air quality levels will have dipped over the last couple of days...

  • How r u doing now asthmagirl? Have u managed to get out of your red zone?


  • Hi Angelica,

    On the advice of OOH doctor yesterday I have increased a couple of my inhalers and to increase the Prednisolone (steroid tablets). I have to continue for another two weeks with the antibiotics and I must continue to nebulise every 4 hours.

    I am still in my red zone but hoping that this will improve soon.

    I hope you are keeping OK.

  • Sounds like you've got things under control :-)

    I'm loads better thanks, the spiriva seems to be working amazingly well, only needing a couple of extra puffs of reliever when it gets really stuffy in the office.


  • The heat we get here in England is rubbish it's either too unbearable. Or not hot enough hahaha ! Why can't we have heat like Europe for example !

    I drive 12 miles into the nearest big town to work well actually it's a city but whichever ! Comin home tonight I left city sky so black and it was do muggy and unbearable I felt so bad on the way home I'm not sure how I actually drove all the way home but got here and it was totall different atmosphere strange still I'm off to the seaside next week lets hope the weather is too but not to hot and that way it'll just be ca holiday and we won't pay a visit to costa del Nhs cornwall !!!

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