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not feeling great being sent home from work early

Last week I had problems with my sinusis which then affected my asthma so I started my steriods as it stated in my plan last thursday morning. On thursday night I thought would needed to take something for my sinius promblem so I took 2 co~ codamol but woke up in the early hours itching from head to toe. So I did not take anymore of these tablets. On friday morning I took my peak flow as normal but it started to make me cough and I have now pulled a muscle in my upper back. I went to see the emergency doctor later that morning who gave me some codrydamol but it was'nt really that affective with the pain and it did not help me to get any sleep but suck with it for the weekend. So I did not go into work on friday or monday. Spoke to a different doctor on monday afternoon who did me a prescription for some stronger painkillers dihydrocodine 30mg to take 4 times a day with paracetomol. I have had three lots since starting them and now starting to feel very sleepy and still in quite a bit of pain. Went into work this morning enough though I am not feeling great so now I am on my way home to rest. Work said that I went back to early and to take it easy and rest.

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It all seems to be happening to you at the moment, doesn't it? I hope you feel better soon.


Awwww sparkyrachel what a time you are having! :-(

As tempting as it is to go back to work we often make things worse for ourselves.

Rest up and take care.



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