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Inhaler recycling


I thought i would share this with you as i was really impressed with it.

We were in Wales at the weekend and had to go to a pharmacy to collect a prescription and saw behind the counter a box for recycling asthma inhalers.

As i don't live in Wales i asked if i could post them my inhalers so that they could be recycled and they are happy for me to do that for me :)

It's just a shame that my local pharmacy don't do it.

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That's a good idea! Wish mine did it. I take my used ones back because I'm not sure what else to do with them and saw somewhere that you're supposed to, but I don't think they recycle them.


This is in Co-op pharmacies only at present with nearly 300 round the country. They take GlaxoSmithKline inhalers which covers most for asthma except Atrovent I think? See here for more info


Hmm that seems to include Ventolin which is Allen & Hanburys and therefore a subsidiary of GSK. Not Symbicort though as that's AstraZeneca who are not part of GSK. And Atrovent is Boehringer Ingelheim so also not GSK.

Imagine from the look of them that the various Clenil inhalers would be GSK though.


Well there are quite a few non-GSK inhalers out there, so not sure if the Co-op would recycle these.

Clenil, Fostair and Atimos are manufactured by Chiesi Limited.

Salamol and Qvar are by Ivax.

Bricanyl is another by AstraZeneca.

*Edit to add*

Pulmicort and Oxis are also by AstraZeneca.

It might be easier just to list the GSK inhalers which are Ventolin, Flixotide, Serevent and Seretide. :)


Don't know either if Co-op pharmacies will take inhalers for recycling if not your usual for prescriptions?

Seems they only take GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) inhalers at present which are Becodisks (now discontinued), Flixotide (fluticasone), Seretide (salmeterol and fluticasone), Serevent (salmeterol), Ventolin. They also have respontin (ipratropium aka Atrovent) nebules and nasal sprays such as Avamys, Beconase and Flixonase.

It's a great start but need other pharmacies and Astra Zeneca, Cheisi, Ivax, Boehringer Ingelheim etc on board too



I rang the pharmacy in Wales and they are happy for me to send my inhalers to them so they can get recycled, they know that im not a local.

I am trying to get my local Co-op pharmacy to start recycling :)


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