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A little confuddled!!

Im not sure if its just me bein silly, but as some of you know my step dad is being an ultimate pain in the rear and purposly smoking around me. Recently he has been doing it more and more and in one room, this being the living room. What im finding is that when he is doing this, and I am inhaling the smoke, I am finding that I am going very weird, but as soon as i leave the room and physically step outside and get fresh air it faids away. I was just curios as to whether this could be having an effect with my mediction as I know in particular aminophylline can be effected by cigerette smoke as ive had problems before.

Im not overly worried about it as there is nothing i can do unless i move out. I was just curious as to whether the smoke is now effecting my medication as well as my lungs!!??

I do now leave the room everytime he does it as if having asthma wasnt bad enough, breathing in his second hand smoke certainly wasnt helping and the dizziness etc isnt as bad anymore, but ive just used my brain wondering if that could be whats causing my aminophylline levels to be all over the place and making me poorly.

Sorry i think ive rambled, hope it makes sense.


ps im not just curious about the effects on aminophylline as im on lots of other medication which i guess it could effect also. I just knew that being around cigertte smoke could lower serum levels so thought maybe when i had 'pure' air my levels where jumping back up and causing me issues. I am with my consultant next week, but to be honest i find you guys more helpful haha

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HI Charlie,

I would do everything make your house a smoke free zone as you get bad attacks and in

hospital alot.Hope you can love glynis xxx


yes it seems to be quite clearly having an effect on you. I would perhaps have a chat with this man and make him aware its making you feel ill, he would be very selfish indeed to dismiss your concerns and incredibly lazy if he couldn't be bothered to smoke outside!


Thank you both for your replies, sadly though, he has been told not to smoke around me but is choosing to not listen and most of the time will still purposly light up in front of me! My consultant has even admitted me for a few days to just get me away from the smoke which I wasnt impressed about in the slightest, and he is aware of all this!! not sure what else I could do. I mean I could move in with my dad but he lives 60 miles away from my resp team which makes it a little difficult for treatment, and im refusing to move teams for the 5th time as theyve bounced me around enough as it is!!

sorry rant over, just so fed up that he doesnt care!!!



Oh Charlie, that is so unfair. There are just some people who don't get it - my sister used to smoke all the time even though my niece was constantly in and out of hospital with asthma, and the more people told her she shouldn't do it the more she smoked (mind you, she always did everything she was told not to - she got married twice because our mum told her not to!). Seriously, though, would he listen to your mum, GP or consultant? Failing that, could you get an air purifier to turn on when he's smoking?

Wishing you luck with it.


I hate smokers in the street, so it must be unbelievably frustrating to live with one that can't be bothered to go outside let alone give it up, when it makes you so poorly.

Sorry , I can't be much help with the meds thing, although they do say that there are interactions between smoke and some meds.

Big hugs


That's just one of the worst things I've ever heard Charlie and you have my sympathies :(

I'm just sitting here shaking my head. It's unbelievable how someone who knows your condition could expose you to cigarete smoke. Outrageous!!

Do hope he stops soon or we could all march over there and confiscate them!


Thank you for your messages they are ultimatly lush!!

(i hope i havnt been tracked down and being watch) because between me and yu

ou guys, i got so hacked off with his attitude, last night when i woke up, i went and tipped his tobaco down the sink, he was 100% confuddled himself then!! Ignorant so in so!! I felt mch better after lol



Ha! That's BRILLIANT. You go for it, Charlie. Please imagine a huge round of applause, cheering and stamping of feet.


He sounds like a totally ignorant pig and I hope he is still confuddled about where his fix went!!!!!!! Well done you for not doing him an injury.


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