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Yesterday was a really good day

My posts may have been a little doom and gloomy of late, so I thought I'd share a really good day I had yesterday :)

Firstly, (this may sound daft) I got showered and dressed and stayed out of bed.

Secondly, I am training to be a volunteer tour guide at the Victoria Tunnel and yesterday, for the first time, I led a part of the tour, rather than simply being the second guide who carries equipment and such.

Thirdly, I applied for my MA!

These are all pretty huge steps for me, and I'm feeling very proud of myself, so I wanted to share my good day with people.

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Woohoo, that's great news! I know you've posted elsewhere about mental health issues alongside the asthma and while I'm no expert I do have friends who've struggled with depression, so I know getting out of bed and ready to face the day can be an achievement in itself - hope this continues.

Let us know how the MA goes - crossing my fingers for you. And great news about being a tour guide as well. Hope you'll be sharing more good news soon, it's nice to hear!


Brilliant! I'm so pleased that you've had a really good day - you deserve it!


Well done piglet :)


Well done you should be so proud of yourself!!!!!!


Really really chuffed to hear you had such a great day piglet, loads of positive steps forward there, you've made me smile! x


Everyone deserves a good day. This time its yours.

Smiles and sunshine, Piglet


Glad you had a good day :)


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