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We need to be very careful over this thread as it is boarding on racist. Hopalong has help me defuse the situation but some comments are very close to the edge, wearing a cross and wearing something that is requirement of religion are 2 very different things. I was trying to find the old racist warnings I have used in the past but it has not got to that stage and I don't want it getting their either. Maybe one of Cathy's special Aunty Cath gentle nudges is called for :)

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  • Ok I have posted something it took some editing down because I was fuming, seriously the thread is getting quite racist and some of the stuff you read on there clearly comes directly from the very informed and extremely biased and opinionated mouth of Rupert Murdock and the Sun.


  • Right.

    I'm a Wheeze = GrafxArt/Canonist. No wonder he was so quick to start flaming you, Bex. I really, really don't get what is going on with this bloke. The whole thing just smacks of set-up. Has there been anyone you've upset/crossed swords with in the past who might want to cause problems?

    He's been banned AGAIN...and Luke will be contacted to see if AUK can block his IP.

  • Cath, thank goodness for that and good spot!. I have had PM's from the ""christian fraternity"" which have been threatening as I am going to take this public I replied bring it on! This is not the 1st time I have had this cross/hajib thing and I know the ground I stand on is firm.

    BTW I have fried my DIMM on my lsp top IBM shipping new ones out tomorrow but no doubt RBH will have a bed and I will 5 minutes down the road in the transport ambulance when FEDEX turn up! I am using ""family PC"" downstairs but got a lot 0f problem with strained intercostals and now they think I am having iscemic TIA's on top of the iscemic CVA's I had last year, there is some concern about me traveling without someone with medical training which is complicating things goodness only knows why I am ""fine"" well by my standards anyway. Thank goodness for the Camel air bag lifting device and IV paracetamol. Will try to log in again sometime tomorrow and hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.



  • Sorry Cath reading again, Donna aka wheezer, and wheezyhepcat are the only 2 have really provoked me and they collectively provoked everyone. Oh now there was one of the ""banned bunch"" who accused me I assume of telling you they have re-listed about 18 months ago, I replied I have no idea what you are talking about and never got a reply.

    What did I, an OAP ever do to you that deserved you telling AUK i had relisted.?? when All I wanted to do was to be friends again.

    I never ever thought that someone who professed to be my friend 2 years ago could do that, But I guess I should have expected nothing less from a self proclaimed Witch.

    If you are really that paranoid then maybe you should give it up, cos your obviously not up to it.

    May someone treat you the same way when you get your pension, should you be so lucky to live that long.

    CB aka Jayne AKA honor

    Other than the odd heated discussion I am blameless I can't think of anyone who hold a grudge.

  • Sorry 3rd message but I have just had a thought, can I have his IP address it is possible this is coming from someone on a football site who had quite a campaign going until someone set him straight. It would not be a huge jump to see what other forums I am on and from there to start trouble. I can get the admin from the football site to see if IP address is known to them. Believe me when you cross someone on a football site nothing is sacred.


  • Certainly, Bex - it's

  • 2nd post!

    I can't for the life of me remember how we found out about Cracklebabe reappearing, but it certainly wasn't from you!

    As a committed atheist, I will happily stand on the same firm ground as yourself. Most of the ""you can't call Christmas 'Christmas' any more"" stories are utter rubbish too. My personal favourite is the story of how Birmingham City Council called it ""Winterval"" one year, and everyone claimed this was because they didn't want to offend non-Christians. Wrong! They simply used Winterval to mean ""all of the faith-related celebrations that take place in Winter"", and then referred to specific ones by name. Personally, I blame the Daily Mail.

    Perhaps a ban on religious discussion would not go amiss? Certainly another forum I moderate - SABRE - and both don't allow it.

  • Steve, the only forum I moderate that allows religious discussions is this one. There is just too much fuss with racism and the Christians are always in the majority and you are lucky if you get any other faiths represented.

    I will pass that IP address on and see if it matches my internet stalker :)

  • It is possible that there is a general mischief maker around I pop over to the CF forums every now and again and they kindly helped me with a port query recently. They have someone over there creating havoc could it be that there is someone having ""fun"" with lung forums.


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