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Antibiotics - need backup

Evening all,

A new user in 'Medical > Antibiotics do help!' is recommending Azithromycin for anyone with symptoms such as chronic coughing, phlegm, wheezing and sinus trouble. Also states ""why was I allowed to suffer for a year by the medical experts and spend a load of money on ineffective treatments when this option could have been available to me? ... Not to try it is a deriliction of duty on the part of doctors.""

Cathy, definately one for your medical knowledge but have replied only used recently in asthma, usually under specialist asthma consultants etc. Their research has been done online and I wonder if also bought online?

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My impression from reading is that this user bought medication online, off their own bat. Crazy. You never know strength/quality/reliability of pharmakokinetics when bought online.

I think the post you have put up, Teresa, is absolutely correct and fine. The rest of the posts added by other users are also very sensible and cover most points.


What a gob-smackingly stupid thing to do. I have posted a warning as a moderator - not aimed at anyone in particular but just to show that AUK is not endorsing this kind of thing.


Good to know my first impression was the same as yours, Steve and Cathy.

Thought best I didn't respond too quickly and give them a chance to clarify before I said what I really thought.

Wonder what they did actually get and if their doctor was aware? If they think prescriptions are expensive here, they'd have a shock in many countries.


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