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A user who popped up just to post this twice:

""Hi everyone,

I've a very good request/solution for people with asthma, bronchitis and mucus.

I'm Soes Sagoenie, living in the Netherlands (Europe) and I would like to tell you about my powerfull healing massage oil.

This is a new product to heal people from their asthma, bronchitis and mucus and it works.

My massage oil heals people from their asthma and bronchitis.

Believe it, the massageoil is so powerfull that during the warm massage, the oil directly through the skin and begins the healing.

The massage should be done a few days in a row.

My healing massage oil can not be compared with other ordinary oil.

I've massaged other people with ashtma, bronchitis and mucus. They are all cured of their asthma.

How does it works.

I use warm water to warm them up the back, then I massage with my special oil, very warm. When the back is warm enough, I use a towel to keep the back warm.

After this I start massage the chest on the same way as the back. After massage I hold their body for 10 minutes very warm so that the oil is rapidly absorbed by the body.

Day by day after my massage people have improvement.

Every body knows that heat therapy has a healing and my massagetherapy is a heat therapy with my special oil.

My healing massage oil can not be compared with ordinary oil.

Some people needs a 3 day massage and some needs more days.

It is guaranttee for 90%.

Dear manager, how can I prove my massage oil to you. I need your help to help these people.

I had like to come to the UK and massage the people for free to convince you how powerfull my massage oil is and how quickly it works.

Please, I need that chance to prove this. I've the solution and you have the asthmapeople.


Message contents deleted and user banned.

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User returned over the past week, under new account - banned once more.


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