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Woody-som and Glynis

They are starting to be a 2 person diagnosis clinic. OK so I might be over-reacting but Glynis has to post on every post even if it is just to say maybe someone here will know, and I worry about the amount of ""advice"" Woody is giving out. Glynis has gone from knowing diddly squat with a blue inhaler to probably not having asthma but knows everything there is to know about it.

Anyone else getting concerned?


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Woody does seem to be developing into something of a mini-expert, but, to grant him his due, he does his research and generally offers sound advice. I've been keeping an eye and anything factually incorrect I've picked him up on, but in the main I can't fault his posts.


Just flagging this up for a bit of a watch. Woody seems to be trying to offer more and more directive medical advice, so I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on what he is posting.


Dragging up an old thread, but it seems appropriate.

I seem to have slightly gone off on one over in the ""asthma and homeopathy"" thread. Cathy has suggested that Woody just posts these links to see if anyone is reading them or not. Well, I read his latest one, and it is possibly the greatest pile of anti-pharmaceutical bull poop that I've encountered this year! I thought it was about time I started pulling apart unproven stuff that is posted in a manner to appear factual, so that's what I've done. I'll leave my dissection of the second half of the article until Woody (or anyone else!) posts attempting to defend it as fact.


Interesting idea you two cynics :), haven't read it properly yet


Oh good grief, made the mistake of clicking through to author's blog.

Personally, I find the cancer report video quite offensive having worked on an oncology ward and in radiotherapy - only watched the first minute which said about kicking people out of hospital beds, drugging them to keep quiet, starvation and so on. Also, despite the wonders proclaimed of raw milk, I grew up drinking it like water. Didn't help me particularly now I have to say.

Anyway, rant over. Good quote indeed from Dara O'Briain. Woody may not respond quickly as Kate aka Rattles here has been quite unwell.

In reference to Glynis and collecting symptoms, I wouldn't be surprised to hear she has indigestion/reflux affecting asthma next.


On a related note to medical advice, in 'General forum> to milk or not to milk that is the question' Woody-som posted ""Many things in life have benefits....many of us take PPI's (omeprazole etc) for GERD, but it is proven by research that long term use of these significantly increses the risk of hip fractures, why ?"".

Cathy, this may be one for you but I have pointed out that the recent news articles were based on a BMJ study which showed a slightly higher risk in mainly postmenopausal women who smoked.


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