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long time no see-rant !!

hi all of you on the forum its been a few months since i have been on the websit and things have gone from bad to worse i caught a cold a few months ago the hospital then put me on seretide which has given me no relief and has not increased my peak flow then last month i caught another cold which has made my peak flow drop to an all time low which is 200 and my danger level is 190 and knowing this last monday i saw my asthma nurse who said she can't increse my medicine or give me steriods to tide me over till i see the hospital agian which is not until august and i am becoming more worried as i am frequently wheezing which i have not done previously i feel worse and no one seems to listen to me the nurse said the only thing she could do for me was to get the hospital to move my appointment up but i don't know if they will and how soon that will be and if my chest will last that long ..... i just need some support or advice sorry for such a long post

Amy xxx

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Hi Amy, Sorry you are having a rough time. Have you seen your GP (rather than asthma nurse)? He would be able to prescribe steroids. Tell your GP about the Seretide as well, again he should be able to increase the doseage if he thinks you need it. My son and me are both on Seretide and have found it very good. I would say it's the best preventer inhaler I have ever had, although I know everyone is different. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


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