Going to get to the bottom of it :)

Hi everyone i just wanted to share that tommorrow is my first actual respiritory appointment,Im so glad im gonna finally get to the bottom of it :) i have been struggling with my asthma for 2 years now and im glad this is the way forward because it just seems like such a long time since i could breathe normally. plus i just wanted to say thanks for your support over the past few months.. its been a geat help and i feel glad to say that im not alone in my battle with asthma hope everyone is well and breathing easy lots of love

Amy xxx :)

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  • AMY.

    Good luck duck!

    write down a few things you want answers to as its

    quite normal to go blank when they talk and wish you had said something when get back


    good luck love Glynis xxxx

  • Thanks for the tip :) and thanks for the message :) love

    Amy xxx

  • Good luck Amy hope you get some answers x

  • Good luck! I agree that it'll be helpful to write down some key points about what you want to say and what you want to get out of the appointment just so you don't forget anything, there's nothing more irritating than getting home from an appointment then thinking ""I wish I'd asked about..."" when you know it's going to be weeks before you see them next.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • when i went there i meet a really nice consultant who got me to do some breathing tests before and after use of reliever inhaler, he listened to all my worries and was not judgemental and didn't fob me off ! the tests showed that my spirometery was extremly low before use of inhaler so i have now been offically diagnosed with asthma and have now started on seritide 25/125(along with salbutamol and montelukast) instead of brown and green inhalers im hoping it works for me. im due back in 3 months, fingers crossed thanks for the good luck

    Amy xxx

  • So glad you got sorted.


  • Glad things are moving forwards, hope the new inhaler helps.

  • Hi Amy,

    I am so pleased your appointment went well.

    I also hope the new inhalers work well for you

  • Thats great to hear! Glad you got some confirmation and things are starting to move forward. All too often we hear stories about arrogant and ignorant consultants. So its good to hear your getting somewhere xx

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