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breathing exercises

was reading the news report about breathing exercises and the research for them. i have been seeing my chest specialist physio at work and she has given me loads of good advice onhow to try and get my acute attacks under control by using different positions depending on whether you are sitting or still able to stand, trying to control my breathing by using abdo muscles, keep swallowing ti try to stop the coughing. the easiest way to keep swallowing is to suck jelly babies - they are soft and dissolve easily so are unlikely to be inhaled if you can't stop the coughing as would a boiled sweet. she has also taught me how to relax my body when sitting and leaning forward so that i don't tense up against the attack and make it worse. it's not so easy to switch off my brain though, particularly when i have an acute attack at work.

has anybody else had any advice? what has helped for you?

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I'm supposed to see some speech therapist soon to see if she can help me control acute attacks. This is mostly used for VCD, and no one ever confirmed that I have it, but I am willing to try anything!



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