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Needing a new neb

Hi all

I am finally admitting defeat with my Clement-Clarke Sonix 2000 'sonic' nebuliser, and am researching a likely replacement.

I notice that many people recommend the Omron U22, and have also seen reference to the Omron MicroAir and Philips Respironics Micro Elite Deluxe, but from what I can tell these are 'true' handheld models and are not 'table top' which is my prefered type. I know they are light but I would rather not have the machine suspended from my face :-)

So, aside from opinions regarding the above, does anyone out there use or know of the MO-03 from Norditalia. I've seen it on a few sites including MidMeds, Medisave and Williams Medical Services.

As it stands I am erring towards this model as it fulfils my needs, but I am anxious that it is going to give me similar issues as the Sonix... i.e. unreliable.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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