dreadful cough

hi everyone,

i have a particularly nasty cough at the moment, really deep in my chest and sore. i went to the pharmacy yesterday and asked if there was anything they could recommend, but when i told them the meds i was on they said there wasn't anything they could really advise. the only thing they did recommend was glycerin, and its not touched the sides. feeling well and truly exhausted, as it is has made my asthma worse and breathing is tiring. i keep trying not to cough (as it makes the wheeze much worse) but obviously can't keep that up. i was just wondering if anyone could recommend anything for the cough, i'm willing to try anything.


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  • You will really need to see your doctor in case you need antibiotics. If, however, its a virus rather than a bacterial infection the GP may be able to recommend something else to soothe it thats compatible with your medication. I sympathise - I had a really bad chest infection 12 months ago and just could not stop coughing to the point I couldn't take a breath sometimes, its really exhausting, with asthma on top of that its almost unbearable. Do see your doctor as soon as you can, hope you feel better soon.

  • everyone seems to have a cough at the moment :( myself included, i havent found anything useful....

    anything u find that helps please let me know as it is drizing me insane, cant take much more of it!!

    i know it cant be the infection as coming to the end of another 2 courses of antib iotics for pneumonia so it mUST be cleared by now surely??!! lol.

    sleep - wots that??

    x x

  • Have you tried Pholcodine cough linctus? GP prescribed it for my son when he had a really bad on-going cough, and it's very good. It can also be brought over the counter. Worth trying if you havent already.

  • gp give me codeine linctuc this pm.... hmmm, like i havent tried it already, but hey i am willing to try anything a 2nd time now!!!!

    x x

  • I've tried everything with very limited success. My hot toddy last thing at night helps me get off to sleep if I take a couple of paracetemol with it and sometimes some Sudafed seems to reduce the production of mucus (yuck, sorry!). Some over the counter cough syrups also have limited efffect, mostly in soothing the throat.

    If anyone comes up with anything REALLY effective I'd be remarkably grateful.

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