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Possible self referral?

Hi :)

Just a bit of advice really or to see if anybody else has had to take this path....

I am under a consultant at my loacal hospital, and although he is doing a fantastic job, I don't feel as though they are looking into my asthma case very well at all. I have had the Xolair trial which was unsuccessful, and have been started on Phyllocontin tablets, which I have been taking for over a month. I have not noticed any vast improvements at all, I am still off work and have very good days and very bad days where my peak flow is low.

My problem is, that I feel they are masking whatever problems I may have, with different medication and not actually finding out what is causing my asthma attacks. They have said that I am a rare case as my asthma is so difficult to control and I almost feel like I am a guniea pig for them to be trialling different medication!

I had to wear a sleep machine last week to see if there are any problems that occcur during the night, and the nurse that was conducting this said to me that if I am not happy with my treatment that I could try and self refer myself to Royal Brompton in London. He also said that at the end of the day this is my life and my health, and I need to be made better, or for it to be under control.

I am so unsure as to what to do, as I don't want it to seem like I am being ungrateful to my consultant, but I am getting to the stage now where I need some answers! (I have already asked my consultant and Dr to be referred to a speacialist hosipital, but to no avail! the consultant said they need to 'exhaust all options locally', but whilst doing this, it is exhausting me more!!!)

Just wondered if anybody has self referred themselves elsewhere??

Thank you :)

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I can sympathise with your frustration as have been in that situation my local hospital ran out of ideas and then found an abnormality on my CT scan and referred me to the Brompton this was one year on from my symptoms starting. A GP or Consultant has to refer you to another hospital I don't know what that nurse meant. You could see your GP for a chat and tell them how you feel and ask if they will refer you to the Brompton they can do this if you feel you need a second opinion.

Keep your chin up!


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