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Anyone else get eczema as well as asthma?

i have really bad eczema, its now on may face thanks to some showergel i was using (it smelled nice and it was glittery). i have oilatum cream and it takes loads of it to even touch it

then theres the itching!!

anyone else get this and do they have any natural remedies for it as i hate putting loads of chemicals on already irritated skin.


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Hi Wendy

I used to get excema really bad. Have had it since i was a baby but since a year ago when my asthma went bananas my excema has pretty much gone. I only really get it on my face and on my head when i am really poorly and it comes in the form of blotches and spots, and occasionally a rash behind my knees. Im very lucky but i think it is because im on so many antbiotics and pred!

I know the iching drives you MAD and everyone tells you to stop scratching which gets you even madder!!

The only thing i use is betonovate cream when i need it. Even on my face(i know yr not supposed to) but its the only thing that works for me.

Take care and try not to worry as that can make it worse too.



hi wendy,

I've got asthma, hayfever and eczema, altho the eczema was the last thing 2 develop and is well behaved unless i use something that irritates it. When i first got it, it came up over my face and eye lids and my neck and also my scalp but i used stuff from the doctors.

Have you tried searching for natural stuff online? Or the moisture rich cream that u can buy in big tubes from the pharmacy? called emollients i think.

hope u get it sorted!



hi wendy

i (thankfully) don't get eczema, but my sister has had it all her life. she uses a cream called hempgarden hand cream - their site comes up first on google... and says it really helps. according to her, emollients like E45 only help short term, because they actually leave the skin dryer, as they don't encourage it to use its own moisture, and your skin gets sort of addicted to the added moisture from the cream, so she steers clear of them. she does use steroid cream, but only if its really bad.

the other thing that helped was using a natural shampoo, with no sodium laurel or laureth sulfates in. the one she finds helps is called 'faith in nature'. she had very bad eczema on her back, which wasn't helped by having normal shampoo washing over it every day, but this has completely healed up now.

i hope this helps,



just to clarify, my sister uses the hempgarden hand cream on any bits of eczema, not just her hands!! it isn't cheap, but she thinks its worth it.


yep i know exactly how you feel, i have all three but my eczema isn't as bad as most thank god. I find that using a good moisturiser everywhere will help to keep it at bay. Recently i've been using the planet spa range from avon as they're all natural and really help to moisturise plus i can get shower gels, face masks etc and since i think i've only needed one lot of steroid cream so it works for me.

hope thathelps


Diprobase or any of the Aqueous creams are good - use loads of it overnight if you don'd want to look like a creamy snowman all day.

A good natural cream is Hemp Body Butter from the bodyshop - tis expensive but very good.

Be very careful about steroids on the face - there are some that are prescribed for use on the face though.

The main thing is Moisturise loads!

Diprobase etc can be used as a soap substitute too!



hey drewness, i tried that plannet spa stuff before and it (like most things) made my skin worse, especially in that ""area"". Then again, most things bring it out which can be very annoying lol!

and justy, i looked at that hempgarden stuff and it sounded great, and if the ""side effect"" of the oil is good (and quicker) hair growth, i guess i wouldnt mind :p. I may try some of the hemp products as they are natural and will probably improve my skin greatly

thanks for the advice


Itches like mad, doesn't it. I just had it on my hands but that was bad enough. I use DoubleBase instead of soap. It is quite expensive to buy but you can get it on prescription.


never heard of that one, my nan used to use polytar liquid tho cos of hers. Will have to ask about that


I have asthma , hayfever and some times get eczema.

Love Carole.



I get mild eczema sometimes, though it tends to come out in the weirdist places (my finger tips etc) In the past i've used aqueus (sp?) cream which helped a lot...

Becca xxx


Hi Wendy,

After a lifetime (thirty plus years) of combined severe asthma and eczema, and a lifetime of trying different conventional meds and alternative meds for both conditions, I've found an alternative treatment for my eczema.It seems to work well re the rehydration and relief from maddeningly itchy skin.

I've taken cod liver oil capsules, which include omega 3 oil -for approx seven months now, at the RDA US dose. It took approx six weeks to notice a difference. But what a difference, especially throughout the winter.Don't know if your eczema is worse through the winter but mine certainly is.

Definitely worth a try. I also hoped to experience an improvement in my asthma symptoms, but not noticed an improvement ...yet.




I'm quite lucky in that I only seem to get excema 2-3 times a year;

in exactly the same pattern on my hands...had it on my neck as well last year which was different.

I use diprobase or hydrocortisone.


I swear by Hemp body butter it keeps mine at bay (except on my face) and it has also stopped my son needing steroid creams, which he had done when he was using dibrobase or cetraben. I have yet to find a cure for the excema i get over my eyelids/brows but it does improve when on higher doses of pred and get worse as dose is lowered - typical!!!


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