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Stressed and need to rant!

sorry about all this guys its none of your faults but i need to rant cos i'm stressed out and stress and cold are setting my asthma off and i feel really crappy :(

my band has a gig in 2 weeks which means ive got to write two songs both of which i didnt know that we were using until about half an hour ago. put this on top LOADS of college work and my partner, mike moaning at me for being stressed. my asthma has been going off at random all day and i was contemplating going to a n e this morning.

sorry again, i just feel tired and stressed and needed to vent without people going off on one at me.

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Hi Wendy - feel free to rant, that's exactly what we're here for and I certainly do my fair share of it !

Sorry to hear you've got so much going on at the minute, I know it's far easier said than done but try to look after yourself and put your health first, maybe try to list what needs to be done urgently and set yourself mini goals to achieve with your work, that way you'll be able to tell that you're making progress through your college work and other things which might help you to relax a little more.

Most importantly though, if you need to then make sure you do go to A&E or call the doctor, your health is most important. I hope things get easier for you, feel free to rant more if you need to !

love Fi x


thanks frenchfi i will try and bear that in mind, the only reason i didnt go is because A&E are always so busy and if i went even if things calmed down a little bit they mite be a bit off with me and i dont wanna take up resouces and time needed for other cases. gonna see how things are tonight, if i'm still having the little attacks in the morning i'm gonna go and get it checked out.

thanks again for the support


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