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Mikes been diagnoased :(

my bf was having really bad coughing fits with his hayfever. He went to his doctir yesterday and the poor mites beed dignosed with hayfever related asthma and given a bricanyl 0.5 inhaler (which i believe is stronger than the salbutamol (which i take with beclo ans serevent) so it must be serious) thing is hes having trouble accepting that hes an asthmatic and is still wrapping me in cotton wool when his is WAY worse cos he has severe coughing fits in the night and is bringing us soo much phlegm.

how do i get round this?

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the good news is thats hes getting loads better, we went through one night without him coughing once which is great.

sadly tho for me its been a different story. Mike gets too hot ant it makes him really ill so i have to run round for him, getting drinks and in particularly bringing up the fan. Which is dusty as anything and we cant get the casing off to clean it. this ets me off, but its a major thing to stop mike getting ill. GRRR


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