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does anyone else have drug sensitivities, including medication which shouldn't bother their asthma?

if so, how do you deal with it or is it hit and miss with what you can tolerate?

ibuprofen is hit and miss, although it does worsen my asthma 95% of the time. dicloflex I can't tolerate.

I'm a bit iffy about anything stronger than paracetamol, it slows my breathing right down and makes it weird. I'm on meds for other issues and that seems to make my asthma flare up, it lasts around an hour but needs serious multidosing to bring it under control, although my GP won't change it as it can 'cause reflux' which supposedly explains the tightness and coughing which comes with taking this sort of drug.

sorry for rambling, I haven't really heard of anyone in a similar situation before.

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Not sure I have exactly the same, but I've been a little puzzled recently by the drug thing. I always used to be fine with NSAIDs; could take ibuprofen with no trouble (which is lucky as I need it when my ribs start up).

But now on Voltarol ie diclofenac and having a flare-up. I honestly can't work out if these two things are related or not; the timing is puzzling me and the fact ibuprofen is ok (though Voltarol is stronger). I""ve finished with it now for the moment so guess I'll see - but plenty of things could have caused flare-up so hard to know.

Think the other pain meds are ok. But like I say triggers are weird, I'm never sure what it was. Not sure if this helps much, sorry!


it's really annoying. its kind of like ""well, what can I take which'll help and which wont p*ss the asthma off"" I may ask the consultant about it when I see him next. I think I may be a bit special with my triggers. ;)


Confused, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen, and stronger forms such as voltarol, diclofenac i.e. dicloflex etc are known to trigger asthma attacks in some people.

Have you tried paracetamol codiene either over the counter or prescription strength? Also useful can be alternating paracetamol with another you can take.

Good luck in finding the right meds for you


I've tried over the counter strength, I've tried 15/500's and I've been on the 30/500's. I need someone to keep a really close eye on me if I'm taking anything stronger than paracetamol. I've was prescribed tramadol 100mg when needed by my GP, after taking it 3 times out of 4 times in a day, I ended up in hospital with my breathing completely screwed - my resp. rate was 8 (if I remember correctly), although my co2 levels were normal. I can only just tolerate 50mg 4 times a day. paracetamol doesn't do much, my sisters 12 and she finds it doesn't do much either, she takes ibuprofen with paracetamol.


Took asprin (in adadin over the counter) once then used a whole inhaler in 2 days.

also had bad experance with tramadol

codine varied results (sometine ok sonetimes not)

at the moment naproxin (feminax) used to be ok but now gets worse


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