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shortness of breath - when does it become an issue?

my chest isn't happy at the moment. doing basic things such as going to the toilet, getting dressed, brushing my hair, anything which involves movement, is resulting in me getting really short of breath. I've got no shortness of breath when I'm not doing anything, only when I'm moving around. when does shortness of breath become an issue? thank you.

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Hi confused,

How do you mean, become an issue?


Dear Confused, it sounds like your shortness of breath (SOB) is a big issue! anything that stops or makes daily living activities a struggle is an issue. poor you. i understand how you are feeling as this is where i'm just starting to come back from since my asthma started flaring up in the middle of January 2012.

please please tell the GP and asthma nurse as soon as you can. they will know best what other steps can be taken to help you be as symptom free as possible. also it might be worth for your benefit and the GP's, to start a record of your PEF, when you are resting and when you are SOB, and how much blue reliever it takes to bring the SOB under control. i know from some of your other posts that you have been struggling and have new medication and have seen the GP many times, but please see them again.

rest well, get as much help when you need to be doing stuff as you can. take care xx ><>


um, I'm not entirely sure. I thought shortness of breath was only problematic if it was lingering while you were at rest?

I'm going to ask my cons about it when I see him next, I think it may be something to do with my allergies, it's come into full swing since my hay fever started to flare. I'm due to see my cons in about a months time, but I'll obviously see my GP if it gets any worse before then, it settles down fairly fast but it's annoying.


I would say if you are asking this question, its probably causing you an issue.... The pollen seasons at least where I live seems to have started about two weeks ago... So this could be adding to the breathing issue...



The aim for well controlled asthma is to be symptom-free doing any activity. Possibly needing a reliever up to twice a week. You will find if it continues as it is you will start feeling exhausted very quickly. Also, it is not good to be static for too long as you can become de-conditioned, as I did with my recent flare up and this can cause more shortness of breath due to lack of fitness.


Honestly well's when you no longer have any breath it's become terminal.

Seriously go see the doctor better to be safe than sorry like you i feel silly i wonder if im

imagening it. Im in the same boat feel a fraud sat on my bum & look and feel fine. Put the

washer on go make a cuppa sound like a heavey phone breather.


thank you for replying. my peak flows at 75% of my personal best. is that usually enough of a drop to cause shortness of breath?

I don't usually notice it myself, it's other people who point it out to me. I know I'm not out of shape, I play badminton for hours when my chest is OK with slight chest tightness. does anyone know the next step, in terms of treatment, if I'm going to need another medication change?

I'm currently on seretide 500, seretide and cetirizine. I was on singulair, but it made my condition worse in ways, so my cons took me off it.


sounds like you need to see your consultant or gp for some advice/help.

the longer you struggle the tireder you're going to get.

please go see your gp or consultant.

good luck and take care.


I would go and see someone - below 80% of best PF is meant to be a sign that you should be doing something (below 60% is a sign that you should be doing something *right now*). Of course, with some of us (like me) the PF is just confusing but I'd say if it's at that you should do something.

There are other options if the Singulair doesn't work - not sure offhand but I think theophylline is one of them? (not saying you should be on it as it's for GP etc to say, but it is an option for an add-on therapy).

Hope you get along ok - remember you've had some issues with GP etc and being believed, but 75% of PF plus breathlessness ought to get them to do something.


thank you. I'll try get an appointment.


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