saw asthma nurse today, after tryin to reduce pred form 30 to 20 mg whichi did for 3 days and well pf dropped form 250 ish to 200is wheezy sob etc etc not good so out myself back on 30 .. feelin a lil better pf up (264 of spirometery test but 200 on pf lol!!) not as bad .

She now wants me to try 30, 25, 30, 25 etc for the week and record pfs. I seem to be having a hard time geeting off them but asthma is still rubish on the 30 mg dose.

She mensioned nebulised steroids ... any experience hrlp or advice

... really needed lol

katie xxx

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  • sorry to hear you've been having a rough time, how long have you been taking the Pred?

    asthma can change for the better, are you aware of what makes it worse? ie winter? rain?

    you might be able to cut down the pred a bit later, and actually feel better.

  • hi

    I'm in same boat at mo but reducing by 5 every 5 days and at mo my pf is best in am and is about 250 which drops at night and thats on 30. managed to get down to 15 last week but ended up with adm,ission through a and e. think its a case of reducing extra slow. Good luck


  • Hi guys,

    I am at the mo in Gremany due to Hubbys work . In germany they give you the Steroid calld Decortin H . It is fab. You don't get the blowing up and water from this drug. I just wish that we could get it in the Uk as well.

    L. Kaz

  • hi thanks for the replies

    this seems to be ok although pf is good after attack on wensday!! wasnt good anyway. did go up to 260!! best in ages!!

    yeah i do no what triggers it ... most things sprays dust smoke excercise feathers cats etc the usual!!

    but i ave a lil problemo at he mo my seretide inhaler has only got 2 puffs left! - not clever i no but wooops!! so i am saving one puff for tommorrow and the other for sunday!! and the start of a sore throat dosnt look too promising ... lets hope it dosnt go straight to my chest!!

    katie xxx

    hope people are ok/well/ surviin

  • steroids are evil little monsters so they are! Well that is how I see them just now, but I just can't seem to get off them. Back on 40mg again, after going splat in an addisonian kind of way at the beginning of the week.

    Kaz, what steroid is in Decortin H -I thought it was just a trade name for prednisolone? Maybe it is something different in Germany.

    Hope you manage without seretide katielou

  • Hello to you all,

    Well owl, When ever i get in to hospital over here they give me Decortin H.and in the end i end up on the Pred.

    What i cant understand is that why we can not get them in the Uk.

    You can get them in anything from 5mg to 100mg.

    Well any sice of them have the same ig . 20mg contains 20 mg Prednisalon.other ingredients are Magnesiumstearat , Siliciumdioxid,Carboxymethylstaerke Natrium,Hypromellose,Talkum,Lactose,Cornstarch.

    Some of this are in Greman as i don't have a translation for them my self. Sorry. But i hope you can work with that.

    This Derortin H is very good as i don't get the puffy ness in the face, the water retention. Well , you know how it makes us feel when we are on Pred on hight dose and for long periods on time.I still have 3 monthe to go bt i think i will be uped again as well. But what is new. As low dose dose not do much to me anymore.And Pf dose not get over 190

    Hope you are feeling ok. Sanding hugs nothe to you.

    L. Kaz

  • Katielou,

    I've done that before. Did you know you can get inhalers from the pharmacy? I've taken my empty inhaler and/or a repeat prescription that's not gone in yet to a pharmacy and they've given me a new one. Usually its best to go to your usual one as they can sort it out with the Dr's. It might be a bit late in the day now so you might have to go to the one that's open longer.


  • if its any consilation katie lou have done same myself but as always use same phamisist he has given me one without prescription and then have taken prescription in when got it from GP's. also steroid wise am staying on 25 for bit as was struggling other day so spoke to asthma nurse and he says to stay put till see gp thurs or until feel stable enough to reduce again. what fun.

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