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Pred and insomnia

Hi all hope u are all well. It's 415am and I'm up having a cuppa coz i can't sleep being on the pred and I'm keeping my poor husband awake tossing and turning then I'm coughing and making my chest worse. Had a chest infection which has flared my asthma up so am on antibiotics and prednisalone. I'm only on day one of 5 so I'm not looking forward to another 4 nights of no sleep. Have to be up for work in a few hours. Any one any suggestions that will help me over come the insomnia for the next few nights? Anything would be apprciated!

Smithy xx

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Hi Smithy ,im on day 6 of 12.

I have stayed up till around 12 then went bed and not catnapped in the day,so found it helped and also put my earplugs in with relaxing music and had a hot chocolate before got in bed.

love Glynis xxx


Hi, probably stating the obvious here, but take pred in the morning after breakfast. I also find that I wake up hungry whilst on pred, so unusually I eat before bedtime, which helps keep me sleeping as I don't wake up with hunger.


I have just taken my first dose of prednisolone. Then I thought I would read the posts on here. I already take meds to help me sleep so hopefully I will be okay. The docs instructions say to take at 8am and 1pm. Ooops. Should have read the instructions first. I do need them tonight though.

Does taking them in the morning help to avaid the insomnia?


I take mine 4pred in the morning,but coming off them now so have to reduce them.slept well on them.

hope they help you to xxxx


I've always taken them in the morning before breakfast, and not had any trouble sleeping, but then my nightly mug of horlicks may help with that.


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