Nuts bring on asthma symptoms, but have never been allergic

Hi again was wondering if anyone has noticed they are more sensitive to nuts even if they have never had a problem before ? This has only been the last month or so, but every time I eat nuts I cough and my chest tightens to the point where I need my reliever inhaler. Now I have never had any intolerances to food in my life, and never any problems with nuts. Is this likely to get worse ? Should I mention it to my doctor ? My asthma is finally under control with me only needing ventolin if it is very cold, or I laugh a lot . So this is a very weird new trigger if it even is one. Thanks.

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  • my nut allergy started in the same way, i know that now if i fav almonds or any other oily nut Im in trouble other nuts peanuts for example are not so bad, i can eat a couple with little problem but if i go over that then again Im gonna get into problems x

  • Nuts


    I find nuts can make me cough, more because of texture and small pieces, also sometimes rice.


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