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Anyone considering the Great North Run?

Since my new hobby is running and I am getting quite good at it, 4 miles most days, I feel I will be more than capable of the half marathon Newcastle to South Shields.

I want to run for Asthma UK but I see they need you to get £300+ of sponsorship.

Anyone else here considering running the Great North Run or have ran it in the past, for Asthma UK or not.

Is it easy to be selected to run or is it a strict selection process as I see only 300 slots are available.

Nice to hear people's views on this.

My asthma is capable of it as I run 4 miles without my inhaler if I take a puff before running. I would have to take my inhaler on the run with me.

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I ran this last year , its realy lovely and you'll enjoy it well worth doing , have you sorted somwhere to stay yet as hotels and b&b fill quickly now, Ithink you'll enjoy this , I did and Iwas in fancy dress the support is great all the way you are never alone :)


oh nooo! Just checked the BUPA GNR website and you had to apply by the 11th of Feb for this year. Oh well.... Next year perhaps!


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