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daughters cough now 4 weeks no let up!

My daughter who is 2 started coughing 4 weeks ago and after a week had quite a bad attack as always at night phoned out of hours told would see her 2 hours later, but managed to settle her within that time, i took her the doctors next morning as usual not that concerned we had an appointment later that week with her asthma nurse at the hospital who prescribed a 3 day course of steriods still coughing mostly through the night 1 week later doctor now says its a viral as airways are clear??? Still coughing now not much through the night mostly of a morning and when doing what a normal toddler does running around, really feel for her as shes on 2 inhalers and montelukast and there is nothing we can do to ease it for her, just hope it settles again soon!!!

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Huge hugs Pash. It's so unfar andhard havign ot watch out little ones especially when they are toddlers having problems. Reading you rpost reminded me of when Ryan was your daughters age and how he was with his asthma. I can deeply sympathize with the way doctors say it's viral. Yes the chest is clear that shows the inhalers are doing it's job but you know your daughter better than anyone. You will know when the asthma is pants and doctors need to listen more to us parents. Hope the appointment with the asthma nurse goes better than the appointment with the doctor and I hope your daughter starts improving soon and her asthma stops giving her hassle so she can enjoy being a active toddler more and you can enjoy watching her run around more


Pirition - works wonders

try a mild antihistamine - my 24/7 cough calmed down with that one. Piriton was great during my flare up..



I know exactly how you feel. My 12 yr old gets terrible coughs. We go to the doctor and he says chest is clear and it's a viral infection! He was prescribed Pholocodine Linctus over a year ago and that helped for a while - but your daughter is too young for it. We also found warm milk and honey helped a bit. Do go back to the doctor if you're worried as we've found a 'viral infection' can turn to a chest infection quite quickly. Good luck.


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