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Wheezyab (Andrea) very sad news


Just a little note to let you know I got a text off Andrea's mum this morning, she passed away last night. I'm yet to hear anything back from her mum but I do know she was waiting to go into her local hospice for some pain management and respite. I'll come back and edit and bump this post if I hear anything more.


Text from her mum: She died at home in her own bed in her sisters arms with her family, it was quite sudden but wasn't unexpected she had just had enough and it was her time, she was so special and didn't deserve to suffer like she did.

She died from all the complications of her condition and side affects from medication to keep her asthma at bay, her organs just shut down.

For those that want to send a card (I've ok'ed this with mum) her address is:

212 Manchester Road





United Kingdom

luv tks x

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TKS thank you for passing that on. I hope you are doing OK. Please let us know if there is an address were we can send sympathy cards.

Rest in Peace Andrea, now you can rest and breathe easy.




R.I.P Andrea, breathe easy hun xx


I'm so sorry to hear about Andrea's passing, rest in peace.

simi xx



Thanks, very sad news.

I hope she is at peace now.



Very sad news. Rest in peace x


Thank you for letting us know TKS. Rest in peace Andrea. xxx


sorry to hear the sad news




RIP Andrea,

You suffering has come to an end. Heaven ahs ganined another angel and the sky another bright shining star. God bless and breathe easy.


P.s. Tks thank you for letting us know


thanks for letting us all know tks.

My thoughts are with andrea's friends and family and to anyone who maybe feeling that person shaped hole whenever someone close to you dies whether it was expected or not i dont think your ever really prepared for that friend or family member to mot be there anymore.

Im sure that she touched a lot of peoples lives and she will be very sadly missed! Rest in peace now hon, at least now you can breath easy.

All my love and prayers to andrea and her family/friends may you all seek comfort in all your shared memories and experiences.

Lotsa lv kk Xx


Thanks TKS for letting us know Andrea has been a great help to me in the past and am sorry to lose such a friend tho at least she not suffering now and is prob spending all her time catching up on the things that she could no longer manage here.


Tks - sorry you had to be bearer of bad news but thank you for letting us know- hope you are doing ok.

Andrea R.I.P- you are free now go enjoy everything you wanted but couldn't do. God Bless


Gosh,sorry to hear this,she was one of the first people to have a bit of banter with me on the site as one of the nurses on her ward was a big Evertonian.

Puts my own whingeing in perspective



I now have details of Andrea's funeral if anyone wants them PM me.

Tks x


My condolences to her family, what a very sad time for someone so young to be taken, but her suffering is now over, may she rest in pace. What a lovely way to go, with those she loved around her at home.

I never knew Andrea, or saw many of her post, as I joined after she became too ill too post, but have read a few of her old post, and despite her health I get the opinion that she always tried to see the bright side of things, and was popular. Hope that's a few qualities that she'll be remembered for.



I will miss Andrea's dry sense of humour ... long time post (06) ' don't mess with the mafia'

Love and condolences to Andrea's family



Thank you for letting us know Tks, that is very sad news. I remember Andrea being very kind to me when i first joined the boards, my thoughts, prayers and heartfelt sympathy to Andrea's family and friends, peace at last RIP Andrea, love Lois x


I will be attending Andrea's funeral on Friday and will print off this thread to give to her family to let them know we're thinking of them, please if you have any messages add them before Friday.

Tks x


Hope all goes as well as can be tomorrow i will remember you in my prayers and all those to whom andrea touched their lives and helped in difficult times.


sorry to hear the news my thoughts are sent to all


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