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Accident prone


just wondering while sitting here if anyone else gets really accident prone especially when taking a lot of nebs and pred, and yes i do get the dreaded shakes post nebbing.

within one week i have damaged a tendon in one finger on my left hand and then last night i have broken a finger on my right hand and dislocated it too.

i am only super accident prone when nebbing and taking pred. if i am just nebbing i am normally ok.


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Do you take stuff to protect bones HH? I do find I am more clumbsy with shakes and pred but have not broken anything.



No i dont take anything to protect bones. I am now the proud owner of a black eye to from where i tripped over last nite, (no alchol involved).




I also have the same problem when am poorly and they up my med, usually drop cups and plates and things, thinking of buying plastic one's lol

never broken any bones tho lol as of yet anyway

but like red den says, i take tabs to protect my bones, ( from the hosp )

maybe worth asking GP to prescribe something if u r not on anything

take care and be careful lol

love and hugs

mary xxxx


think it might be worth speaking to my GP on thursday when i have appt for asthma will mention it

thanks for advice and take care



Im clumsy to start with but brica-wobbles and pred moments I tend to get into a few accidents lol

But luckily aint broke anything in a while thanks to *Calcichew D3-Forte* and *Fosamax 5mg* supplements that I been put on for protecting bones with the long-term pred lol

Just wish it was possible to get a pill to keep me upright lol

My fave accident is ending up sliding from top to bottom on our steep staircase lol


Was reading this and had to relate, unfortunately I dont think me being accident prone is anything to do with my meds as I only got diagnosed in October and was like that before hand, Im up at A&E at least twice a year with a broken wrist, torn ligaments in my knees or ankles, or some sort of concussion from landing on my head.....hmmmm maybe its the landing on my head part that causes it all in the first place lol long term concussion.


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