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Just read something the other night about a guy who went onto Antibiotic (Zintromax) after they found out he tested positive to the Chlamydia Bacteria.(Chlamydia pneumoniae AB Panel - PCR Test) - Not the sexually transmitted kind!!

""They float around as droplet nuclei, similar to TB. People cough and up come these infectious bodies. They float around a room. You breathe. In they come and now you've got your own.""

His story was an intensive 14 week - 1000mg does of Zinthromax and he seemed to be ""cured"" of Asthma symptoms.

Hmmm not sure if this is sponsored by a drug company and this is rubbish but makes interesting reading.

My daughter was on Zinthromax for 5 days earlier this year and her episodes were less occuring than now

I may raise this with her con next fortnight, see what he says.

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Dear Ozzie Girl

Thought provoking post, I am on long term clarithromycin which is also a macrolide antibiotic like Zintromax. This was prescribed by my consultant, he explained that in lower doses than used to fight a chest infection they have invaluable anti inflammatory effect for some asthmatics. So far I have to agree, I am indeed finding my asthma slightly more stable, however I suspect if I were to stop taking them I would be back to square one rather than cured but then i dont have Chlamydia pneumonia, but it is interesting how some antibiotics can improve asthma rather than just being used to cure a chest infection.


I used to have long courses but like piccalilly am now on ""maintenance"" zithromax - ie azithromycin - 250mg 3 times weekly and find it really helps me clear mucus more easily, plus general anti-inflammatory. Have been on it several yrs now but it''s best to have a break occasionally - I take a couple of months off every summer - as it can cause tinnitus. If you do experience tinnitus whilst on zithromax then stop it straightaway & tell your dr, because if you continue then the tinnitus can become intractable, and can be a very nasty problem indeed

polly x


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