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Does anyone else use Supplements?

Been looking on the internet and am about to start my

journey with food based and oral supplements.

Ive heard that zinc, magnesium, probiotic and asadopholis (sorry cant spell that term}

can improve the gut's good bacteria therefore over a long period could help the

immune system.

Does anyone have any other ideas or comments on this area?

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I started giving my 14yr old son supplements about 2 years ago - selenium, vits C & D, omega 3 & 6 oil and Well Teen (vits, minerals, green tea & cranberry extract). It may be a coincidence but there has been an improvement in his health ie not catching as many colds (his main trigger).

I asked the consultant about giving supplements and his response was 'if getting a healthy diet, you dont need them'. This may be true, but I still believe in supplements and will continue giving them. The only trouble is it works out quite expensive. I've just stopped buying selenium partly because of the cost, and there is selenium in the Well Teen tablet.


Ozzie Girl, a friend of mine suggested that I should use some of the supplements you have mentioned, but had no idea of the amounts that would be appropriate, so I never followed up on it. I'd be interested to know if you try any of them, and whether you find them helpful.



As i am on long term Antibiotics i take a prebiotic in tablet form to help the gut, not sure really if it works, but as like so many am trying to loose weith the drinks are high in sugar and fat.

I also take a general good multi vit and mineral,

i found out reciently i have a tendancy to be a bit low in phospate, but not really sure how to supliment it if atall.

i would not worry with normal multi vits, at regular doses, say like the centrum 100% ones you should be fine, most that you dont need you pee out anyway!!



I use acidophilus plus when i have 3 weeks of antibiotics, its stops the side effects if you get my meaning without going into tmi territory. I also take msm 1000mg which is supposed to supprt the lungs and respiratory system. Also a multi vitamin tab.


Wolfspirit - what is msm?


On the subject of supplements, someone recently mentioned aloe vera juice for asthma as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Does anyone have any experience of it?




msm is short for, here goes... methysuphonylmethane. It has organic sulphur in it. You can find it some health shops, the msm is in large letters so you cant mistake it. Mine is made by health aid, high potency msm 1000mg. Hope that helps. I have an article about what to take to help asthma but cant find it at the mo. When i do i'll put up the other recommendations the homeopath makes if anyone is interested.


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Thanks Wolfspirit..must admit I've never heard of it. I'll look out for it now, anything that might help is worth a try.


I hope you find it helpful.I had seen it before, but didnt know much about it until i saw the article on asthma. Where they recommended it. I'll search for the article tonite.




Thanks so much for all your replies, Im defo going to look into

all your suggestions.

Have started it all so watch out nasty colds and coughs!!!


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