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advice please

Can anyone please tell me is it ok for me to up my seritide to 500 from 250 for a bit as PF is getting down to 300 at night and about 325 in am. My best is 400 and norm around 370-380. I have rung and left message for asthma nurse at costa but no one has rung me back. I have upped ventolin and am using it 4-5 times a day but still get a bit wheezy after walking etc which I don't normally have a prob with. Is it ok to up it myself or should I wait for someone to contact me?

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If you haven't had a reply from costa try your surgery asthma nurse or GP. Have you been given an asthma plan which tells you what to increase when. If you are that bad perhaps you should see doc anyway. You can take ventolin every 2 hours safely or so despite pharmacists sayin it shouldn't be taken more than 4 times a day.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Ange xx


it probably is safe (is for most folk) but if you are having problems you should see the GP anyway.


hi sorry you are poorly.

have you not been recommended to double up your preventer when you are feeling ill? my self and all 3 of my children are on that plan. have you not got an out of hours doctors service? if yes ask to speak to someone on the telephone.


Might try asthma nurse again in am just in case message wasn't clear as voice more like a frog than anything at mo which makes me hard to understand especially on phone.

Only reluctant as only upped seritide to 250 about 5 weeks ago following a call to costa asthma nurse so am little unsure about upping it again but as antibiotics don't seen to have done much as yet I can't think of any other option at mo.

Oh well chest telling me its time for bed or at least somewhere it doesn't need to do much.

Katharine x


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