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Advice please

Ellie has returned with a vengence since my spirometry on Monday. As a result of this I am also constantly coughing tho my pf is around 350 and am using ventolin 4hrly on top of seritide 125 morning and evening. someone in work who does breathing clinics said I should contact asthma nurse and see if they will increase meds till tablets kick in. I don't know what to do I feel lousy but don't want to cause a fuss or be a pain.

Any advice please


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Hi Katherine,

I'd definitely go with the advice that your colleague gave you - see your doctor or your asthma nurse. By doing so you're not making a fuss or being a pain, you're looking after yourself. If you're really worried about making a fuss (as you imagine rather than how it would be viewed by others) then think what will need to be done if your asthma gets more out of control.

Look after yourself and please see your doctor/asthma nurse.



Hi katharine,

I agree with Becky - if you feel worse then you need to see either asthma nurse or GP. Otherwise your asthma could continue to get worse and take longer to get back under control. I had the same problem last time I went for an outpatients appt - ended up feeling rough for about 3 weeks, but I didn't help ymself by toughing it out and not going to GP til I'd suffered for a week hoping it would get better - and it didn't! You're not causing a fuss, if you feel ill you sohuld ask for advice.

Hope you feel better soon


just so you know I did take the advice given and spoke to asthma nurse today. Outcome is I have to up seritide to 4 puffs 2x day and use ventolin on regular basis throughout day for next couple of days. If not much different on Monday have to make a GP appt. Asthma nurse was really nice about it and agreed that spirometry could well have triggered me off again.

I think this is a very good reason for not doing them!




hope you feel better soon Katharine and that you get controlled again quickly and properly. I agree that the less spiro the better! Trying to get my PF reading was a struggle today, let alone anything else!


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