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Rusty - Emma Bearfoot Thanksgiving Service

Hi, I just thought I should copy this here so if you are thinking of going you can plan ahead. This was posted on her blog by her father.

As many of you may know there will be a service of thanksgiving for Emma and her life at 2pm on Saturday 18 April 2009 at the parish church of Kimpton nr Andover Hants. All are welcome, but we have been amazed at the worldwide distribution of this blog and thus realize that, for many, this will not be possible - so please all join together in thinking of Emma Jane Bearfoot on April the 18th.This blog will be deleted from 9 February 2009 but if anyone wishes to contact us they can at

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thanks bex! Hadn't thought of checking her blog since thanks for the info! Take care Xx


thanx bex for the post-was having a think proberly like many it's to far to travel do just a thought how bout everyone releasing a ballon and lighting a candle at the same time of day.. What does everyone think?? X rip rusty x


roxy i think that sounds like a lovely idea-that way those who cant get to the memorial service can still pay their respects for emma who was a very special friend to a lot of us on here!


hi Kat ya it came to by thought this year in January was 4 years since my dad died his wishes were that his ashes were scattered so he has no head stone .. So wat me and my bro and sis this year did went to the crem where his ashes were scattered we had no where that was a spot dedicated to him so we all had a balloon these were filled with helium only because they fly away quicker!! We wrote a personal message each and at the same time we all let them go then after lit a candle and said a few quiet words to ourselfs!!

Anyway back to the subject so ya if everyone agrees shall we say everyone releases a balloon at 2 pm on the sat???? Anyone else have anyother ideas ?

Breath easy emma RIP love rosy x


hi roxy

I personally cant set a balloon off as im allergic to latex but i think its a fab idea if people can-i will light a candle tho think its a good idea for those of us who cant travel to the service.

Rest in peace rusty and breathe easy now sweetie! Xx


Hi Kat

Sorry my sponge like brain didn't think bout latex allergies , but as u said u can still light a candle!!!

Is anyone going to the service on here?

Or like me unable to travel that far if was having a good patch at mo I would be driving but lungs are really not happy with me lately so letting a ballon free and a few lovely words and a candle will be just as nice ..


I think i will be going to the service as I only live 20 mintues from andover in winchester. I met rusty a few times so feel i should go. If anyone else is going and wnats to pm me as I dont know of anyone else who is going.



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