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Asthma Awards

Whilst I was typing about someone who has been an absolute rock to me despite having her own problems I thought about the awards that the CF trust do. Is there anything similar for asthma I know there is gala dinner should AUK think about incorporating some element of awards too, I can easily name several people without whose humour, care, kindess and selflessness have helped me through some tough moments, what about those who tirelessly work to raise money for AUK, and the healthcare professionals they may be paid for what they do but you can't put a price on a shoulder to cry, a sympathetic ear on or a squeeze from a reassuring hand when things are hard. When I was going through my bowel problem I had real problems with the gastro Drs I was used to talking things through with my consultant making choices that we were both happy with and having things properly explained. I had to explain to them that is what I am used to, credit to them for the most part they did their best and my gastro consultant now is very good and I have a good relationship with him - there is nothing like a discussion on poo for breaking down the barriers. Anyway I digress (as always) are their any asthma awards and if not why not!


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Hi Bex,

Yes there is for kids..... though not sure about adults?

Please suggest this to AUK, not sure who but they have many departments there doing all sorts so someone may be able to take your idea on board.

Call 0800 121 62 55




I know there is one for the KAH volunteers, but not sure about everyone else :S


I will email someone at AUK and suggest it. Its not only kids who like to feel rewarded and I have met some very special and inspirational people who I think deserve bloody big round of appluase and a dust collecting trophy :)


AFAIK there are no such things for AUK.

As ""me"" says, there is the Sarah Leonard award for the KA hols volunteers, where the children on the holidays nominate the volunteer they would like to have the award.

I could list a few people too :)


:O Cathy! I think Emma is at a meeting tonight, unless she can be 2 places at once!


I think it would be a fantastic idea. I have a few people in mind aswell


i think that would be a great idea. even if it wasnt national. just something that you can nominate someone who has been there and helped you through. often they dont realise they are doing it either.

bex let us know what auk say.



Sorry, Elephant. It's been a long day.


I think that's a great idea. If doesn't matter that health-care people are paid to do their jobs - there's a world of difference between those who 'just' do their jobs and those who really make a difference.


I can think of a few people I would like to ""Award"" with asthma !!!

-oh,Ive misinterpreted again-D,OH !


Hi Bex,

Just came across this thread - great idea. As has been suggested it's worth getting in touch with our Supporter and Information Team if you haven't done so already. Keep us posted!



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