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All these foreign medicines


Long time no message. I've moved out to Japan on a more permenant basis now and just got settled in.

I went into the clinic with dodgy lungs and sinuses earlier this week and got prescribed new medication (the doc said something about being newer, better and less fattening XD)

Two most people already know - Symbicort (I thought that was a bit of a jump considering I'd recently come off Seretide and dropped down to Beclomethasone a couple of months ago) & Singulair.

And then....

Meptin Air reliever (Procaterol)

Solantal tablets (Tiaramide)

Which don't seem to have much information relating to them....has anyone heard of them?

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those 2 ones are not in use over here and stuck it through search and got nothing for the solantal even what active ingreadiant is... the second what I gather is a similar thing to salbutamol but dont quote me on that. Both are only used in Japan and all teh research is in funny writing lol

good luck let us know how your getting on!


The active ingredient in Solantal is Tiaramide.

Supposedly, it's supposed to help both my asthma and the pain from my knee injury.

It's odd how they only use them over here though haha


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