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Anti Dust Mite Bedding


I'm very confused by the variety of bedding products on the market that claim to address dust mites. (duvets, mattress covers)

Can you recommend any good products?

Here are some of the ones I am thinking about.

Spundown Duvet


No Mite




thanks in advance

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I just bought John Lewis' own brand and they seem to do the job just fine for me.



Boots own Brand bedding covers are good

Mattress covers - make sure it is one where you zip the whole matress inside - Did my new matress as soon as I had it - same with pillows

I also get BhS Amicor pillows too! And change them every 2 years.

All bedding aired daily - duvet slung over end! Smartly of course! LOL!



Both son and I have spun down quilts and they are what they say and I havent had any problems. We have john lewis stufff on one bed for protection and allerayde on the other and to be honest havent noticed any difference only that alleradye is I think more exspensive.


thanks for the replies

What's in the boots bedding range? I looked online on Boots website and they didn't seem to have anything.

Where did you get the zip up covers from?


What John Lewis stuff are you using? - I was in store the other day and saw a mattress protector that seems to have a plastic type backing. I thought that would be a bit uncomfortable and wouldn't let air through.


My John Lewis anti-dust mite covers all have zips on them. Sorry, can't remember what the covers were called as I've had them several years now. If in doubt when looking at them in the shop, ask an assistant. I'm sure they'll be helpful.


anti dust mite bedding

Hi I was getting an asthma attack every night until I put an anti allergy cover on the duvet and got rid of the feather pilllows. I ahaven't had an attack at night since. You can get an antiallergy cover fromhttp://www.marksandspencer.com/Marks-and-Spencer-Anti-Allergy-Protector/dp/B001CHC41S?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_8&nodeId=43880030&sr=1-8&qid=1304355968&pf_rd_r=0GDYJZD


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