Yesterday i had to goto a&e after a van wing mirror hit my hand. Long story. But i had a really good nurse see me. He asked if i had asthma which i said i did and he asked when my last attack was which i said. He told me you need painkillers but i couldnt have ibuprofen as it could set my asthma off. Then allergys when i told him he was laughing as i could only have paracetamol. He very quick and efficant i was only in a&e an hour


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  • ajtinker, glad that you had such a positive experience, it's great to get some of the good feedback, as this is unfortunately not always the cas. take care


  • AJ I've taken many trips to A&E to deal with accidental damage - to myself as a child and both my sons when they were children (accident prone family) and never managed to get out in as little as an hour. I'd be willing to bet that very few other people have either. You could probably make a fortune selling your secret!

    Hope it's not too painful.

  • its my shortest ever trip to a&e. It was empty so i dont know what had happened to make it empty.

    Its ok am shocked i didnt break anything


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