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Just a little rant really

Yeah sorry for ranting a little. But i am not looking forward to tomorrow as i am still not 100% maybe about 60-70% ok after my attack on tuesday. I now have to cook a full sunday lunch when i asked if we could skip it this week as im not well. i admit i love seeing my grandparents but tomorrow will be hell for me.

To be honest i dont feel up to doing much still has anyone ever felt like this

sorry for the little rant again


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I must admit I still get a little nervous at the idea of cooking a full roast with all the trimmings when well, let alone when I'm poorly. Does it have to be a roast dinner? Could you make something a bit less labour intensive, or even eat out or order in? I'm sure your grandparents are coming to see you, not your cooking and would much rather see you recovering from your attack than making yourself worse by trying to do more than you can manage. It takes time to get over an attack so don't push yourself before you're ready. Take care of yourself and try to take it easy.


you carry on ranting...

if you are not well, should u really be cooking a full roast?

i had friend round for dinner fri evening with me + flatmate and found it really exhausting doing just chicken in sweet + sour sauce, having been home from costa on the thur (8th admission in 5 weeks.... )

take it easy, maybe have some help from others, or do something less strenuous ?

x x x


Its at my grandparents house and they get everything in so I have no choice over it. Ive hardly slept since the attack so im shattered.

I love cooking and do it every week for my family my mum knows im not goocd still as im still using my reliver 2-4 times a day



Can you hand over some parts of the cooking to other people while you sit somewhere comfortable and direct operations?

Hope you manage ok.


well i have a result i dont have to do all of it



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