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Biology lessons

In biology were doing lungs and lung disease and we seem to spend a lot of time bin told how to breathe and when (to show us how it works) but the teacher is really insistent that everyone does it but even faking doing it tires me out coz I feel really out of breath. Plus I find when I'm thinking about breathing I struggle more and feel like I'm not getting enough air when I know I am. Got at least another 3 lessons on it and not sure I can cope with them! Any ideas?

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Maybe you could try seeing the teacher privately and explaining that it's not something that is helping your asthma and you would rather she ignored the fact that you won't be doing it?


I agree with FeeJay. If this is making you feel unwell then you need to quietly taking your teacher aside and having a chat.

Failing that, you could get a letter from your doc to back you up. Worked with heart dissection and my general not wanting anything to do with anything that comes from a dead animal. (strong views)


are you being told to nasal breathe using your diaphragm?

It is very difficult for anyone with a big breathing habit to suddenly reduce the volume of breathing or the method of breathing.

As a lifelong asthmatic, i would also have struggled to breathe if encoruaged to change my shallow mouth breathing to my upper chest habit to a nasal deep diaphragm habit. It is not something that can be changed in a short period of time and for asthmatics it depends on the severity. About 90% of people now are disfunctional breathers (over breathers) and for some of your colleagues not in the asthma spectrum it is easier to do. You need to learn relaxed methods prior first or you would have no chance of success.

I found too that thinking about breathing used to make my chest tighter. Its good then to forget about it when it is causing tension or apprehension.

what exactly are you being told to do?


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