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Which Doctor?


Never been on here but hoping someone can help. For the past two years I am having severe problems with my asthma, numerous hospitalisations, and nothing (I mean NOTHING) seems to be making any difference. So basically I desperatly need to be seen by a consultant in the UK for a private consultation.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to who is best to see? It doesnt matter where in the UK as I will have to fly over, or cost or anything really, I just need to see the best possible person! Starting to reach the end of my tether, so any suggestions would be very gratefully recieved!


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Hi Sarah, Someone asked a question about private treatment last year and I have 'bumped' the thread up for you ('Private visit to Royal Brompton'.) Someone replied from the Royal Brompton so it might be worth your trying that number.


Oh great thanks. Any suggestions of who might be the best to see? Or indeed is the Royal Brompton even the best place to go? Thanks again!


I'm under the North West Lung Centre in Manchester which is the north's version of the RBH. I've had brilliant treatment there & find it helpful as everyone you need to see is in one place. The only problem is I think they only do NHS so you would need to be refered by your doctor. Thought it might be worth mentioning as they see people from all over particularly as they are close to Manchester airport & you mentioned you'd have to fly over.

Pm me if you want to know anything else.

Good luck


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