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Peak flow to low Thanks (up Date)

Hello Im 58 had Asthma since birth and my peak flow says my lungs are worse 150-200 anyone know how to expaned lungs Ive been doing water Arobics and have lost over 2 stone (now 11.1/2 St ) I am to have a operation and this is how its all come about I didnt know they were that bad , Thanks Sue I dont wheeze well not unless I get a cold/ chest I take Slo-Phylin capsul and wouldnt be with out it , I dont have a ""Plan"" but 2 years ago it was 400, When in the poolk I take my ventolin and may have 1-2 puffs Im also now useing a Power Breath!

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aerobic exercise is great things like swimmin etc also playin woodwind instruments is gud. However its difficult to giv u too much info on specifics as i dont no ur personal best peak flow or predicted best. I no that it drops from the age of 40 ish but dont know if this peak flow level is ok for you. Sorry i cant help u anymore. Take care n good luck lv kat Xx


Hi Sue, well I'm 57 and my Asthma nurse tells me that if my peak flow is that low I must contact them and if I'm wheezy and blowing 150/200 then I must go to A&E. Having said that as Kat said it all depends what it says on your Asthma plan and what your personal best is. You would be best to speak with your doc or nurse.


meant to say the same thing at end of message sorry my brain is fried!

U shud prob c ur gp or consultant!

Good luck and take care. Lv kat Xx


peak flows

your peak flow sounds low but you really need to know what its best is and worry only about the drop. If you are breathless, wheezy or sometimes unreasonably tired you need advice. (hypoxia is sneaky - I could only manage 5 mins on bike last week- and came down with worst attack in 6 years, 3 days later. I should learn! One friend had a peak flow of 600 but it dropped to 300 with frightening, to me, results. At that point I would have thought 300 for me was brilliant! Its the drop you worry about.

Wish i could do water aerobics but the pool atmosphere sends my asthma crazy usually delayed to the middle of the night. took a while to work it out.

hope this is coherent. Too much pred and symbicort.


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