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Does anyone feel like this?

My breathing at the moment is not good, im really puffed out and lungs all inflamed.

Went the A n E Because my inhaler not helped hardly,this was wednesday.

A n E did that thing when put a clip on your finger for oxygen and it was 97 so thats good.

He then listened to my chest and said you dont sound wheezy and told me steam my lungs for mucus and take co cadamols for the muscle pain in my ribs and that was it and I did tell him i do not wheeze!

Any way i am still puffed a lot and breathless and feel all inflamed inside and using a lot of my reliever and its not helping hardly .

Does anyone feel like this with blood oxygen 97 and dont weeze?

I still feel I need the AnE but they did not do anything last time so I will get help again if dont feel any better and can go AnE or our 8 till 8 walk in centre tomorrow.

just feel im not getting better.

I will ring to get in see my asthma nurse next week also for a meds review but on alot already and not sure what else could be added or changed .

thinks for reading this ,

love Glynis xxx

edit- UPDATE -went AnE INFO under costa

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Hey Glynis,

I know how you feel, I have had incidents where I wasn't too wheezy and my SATs were OK, but went horribly downhill shortly afterwards. Remember, you know your body better than anyone else and if you don't feel right, you should go back and try and get the help you need.

Wendy xx


For non wheezers when a dr tells u that no wheeze Is heard ask them to assess ur air entry. It's another way of assessing ur asthma. Can help them in ur assessment. Plus if you can inform them if your asthma is restricting your activities and if ur coping at home. I had a delightful dr tell me I was well to go home. I said no wasn't managing at home. Out if puff sitting not managing to go to loo. Asked him to assess air entry. I ended up in for 5 days (4 on oxygen)

Glynis if u not well get back and get a medical assesement !!!!


Thankyou Gussypoo.

What do they do for testing airways entry? they didnt even do my pf ! x


Hugs to you Glynis, I am feeling the same. I finished my pred yesterday & have two days anti-bio left but still feel really rough. My reliever isn't relieving & my back aches from breathing. I am hanging onto the fact I have my first appt with the specialist next week. My Dr has already admitted he doesn't know what else he can for me! Go to the walk in centre if you dont think A & E will help but dont leave it. Let us know how you get on. Thinking of you.




To check air entry they listen all over ur chest area with the stethoscope.


I feel for you, I hope you get sorted quickly.


If you can manage at home then thats okay but if it gets worse then get the help you need Glynis?



Hi Glynis,

I'm not a wheezer either. I was in hossie over new year for the same thing, they did keep me in but my oxygen was a little lower than yours at 80. I had been like it for 2 months couldn't walk any where, horribly tight chested, and coughed so much I have only just stopped hurting from that. My meds weren't working at all or I'd get small relief for half an hour or so. I wished I'd got proper help sooner than I did, go back Glynis if you are still struggling or to your walk in.

Hugs to you Emma xxx


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