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not sure if this been posted before? are asthmatics prone to snore more ?

My hubby said its got really bad and comes from my throat.

Sounds daft but woke my self up by it and in sure i heard it.

If asthma does ,i wonder if taking my reliever before bed would help.

Feel sorry for him as hes up at 6 every day.

Dont really want go the docs about it as would feel a bit silly.

anything to try ,not from a medical point of view as we carnt give out medical info

but would try anything and old wifes tales xxxx

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My Mum says as my asthma has got worse and when I gained a lot of weight I snored like crazy she used to come to my flat an if I fell asleep she would have to turn tv up BUT as the weight has come off do you think the snoring changed NOPE and I know it is far from funny for our loved one to listen to but if I am honest I do not know if it is asthma related maybe maybe not but it is a good idea to get checked over even for the sake of your own or your husbands good night sleep cause if your waking yourself up you can not be properly rested hun take care and I hope you get the advice you need xxx


I think you can get strips at the chemist that may help.

Might be worth asking dr about it though - do you feel like you're never getting enough sleep even when asthma seems not too bad (or when it is)? Don't know if asthma makes you snore but obstructive sleep apnoea does

Obviously this is not a diagnosis, can't do that on here and not a medic but I would definitely ask your GP about it or even your resp team if you're in regular contact with them. If nothing else they might be able to advise on how to stop snoring!


Thank you guys xxx

Yes im always tired and feel like not slept and carnt believe its morning some times.

Im under ENT as i have Menieres disease a problem with ears and balance.

wonder if worth asking him when im due see him in April .that could be one way or ask my asthma teambut would have to ring them up as just seen them or my doc who is fantastic and we always end up laughing hes fab xxxx

Def try the strips.

I dont drink so not that also xxxx


I'd get in touch with your doc then - he sounds great, sure he won't mind even if you've just seen him. Don't leave it till April - that would be months more with no proper sleep, you want to see if you can get it sorted before then if possible.



Asthmatics aren't prone to snore more than anyone else when you talk about asthmas on its own however the meds you take can cause side effects that lead to snoring. The main one being oral steroids, prednisalone, this as I'm sure you know causes weight gain, particularly around the face and neck. Your neck muscles then aren't strong enough to support you while you are sleeping and make you snore. In all honesty if you say it's a throaty snore then expensive strips from the chemist which go on your nose wont help. I have looked into tablets and solutions you can take before bed, they sound brilliant, but aren't suitable for asthmatics. Typical. My Girlfriend could certainly sympathise with your husband sometimes she records my snoring to show me how bad it is! Somebody else commented re' sleep apnoea which sounds very possible hearing you say that you never feel refreshed or rested in the morning. See your GP about it sooner rather than later there is a very simple assessment sheet they can do to assess you risk of apnoea and refer you on for sleep studies if needed. If you feel like your wasting your GP's time, then don't this is what they are here for and breathing is far to important to ignore, if you have an asthma nurse in the surgery or one that works with your hospital contact them if that's easier, they are just as good and in the case of mine, better than my GP because that's what they are interested in. Hope you get some answers, and sleep!!


i had the same problem and was really embrassed when my boyfriend told me, but i was only on the blue inhaler , i have now changed to mostly brown after seeing the asthma nurse and rarely need the blue and the snoring has stopped, dont know why but really glad x


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