i put it in capitals so yes im shouting it for people to take notice and leave me alone let mod sort it

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  • Hey its paul. She has been rushed into Resus. She went blue and cold. Im praying for my little sister.

  • Panic over. She is getting there. She is slightly argueing with me that she wants to go home and i am telling her she cant.

  • jade home and ok

    glad your home so take it easy and rest up,lots of love glynis xxxxxxx

  • HEY PEEPS home at last. Kinda feeling it now. Im getting there thou

  • Jade, Glynis has told me via email your still having trouble but refusing to go to hospital, don't be a fool, what would rather do, stay home and die, or spend a night or two in hospital.

  • Its ok I called em. God will people stop telling me to call 999. IVE DONE IT!!!! I no she ill but please i get the picture

  • thank you, please keep us informed on how she is.

    wishing her and you all the luck in the world.


  • this is turning bad, she's stoped breathing, and her brother is scared, medical help is at least 15mins away. trying to explain CPR, simple modern method of just chest compressions, hope it works.

  • OK, I'm sorry but I can't read this anymore. People shouldn't be posting on here about when someone stops breathing like this. It's seriously distressing for everyone else to read. Please don't post stuff like that. Yes, I'm worried about Jade, but it's very distressing for everyone else when somehting like this is posted.

  • Vicky, sorry, but was hoping someone might offer some assistance, her brother is doing his best, but really scared.

  • I completely agree with elephant2001, I am also very concerned about Jade but I don't feel a blow-by-blow account of what is taking place is appropiate on the messageboard, it sounds like a very serious situation. Please bear in mind that this messageboard is visited by children as well as other people who may not understand asthma very well. Please try and bear in mind this before posting threads of this nature in the future.

    Take care x

  • I dont want to provoke an arguement or anything but this is a public board and the material ebing posted is not really approaiote as others have said.

    We are also not allowed to log onto someone elses account and post on their behalf. if medical attention is required NHS 24 shoudl be called or as in this case 999 should definatly be called. i am also shocked that if she has stopped breathing why you are posting on auk and not doing CPR but also as to why help is 15 mintues away.

    Please think about the other people reading this board. This is a discussion forum not a mergency service to provide medical assisantce.


  • glynis and myself was giving him the info he needed, and the ambulance was more than 20 mins away,

    I agree 100% this is not the place for medical advice or help, but the guy was desperate, called an ambulance, but had no idea what to do, i think he deserves some praise.

    EDIT:removed earlier post, no longer serves any purpose being on this forum, apologies to those it upset, but was not intended that way, Sorry.

  • Nobody on this messageboard is able to give adequate advice to someone in that situation for the simple fact that we are not there while it is going on. It is incredibly inappropiate posting this on a messageboard. I am astounded the 999 operator left Jade's brother on his own to deal with the situation having been told Jade was not breathing, completely irresponsible of the emergency services. And Jade should never have been discharged on home oxygen in the first place, home oxygen is not given out following an initial acute attack it is normally given after a lot of consideration by specialists, so if this is what happened, A&E were failing in their duty of care towards Jade. Oxygen only alleiviates low oxygen levels, it has no affect on the asthma attack itself.


  • I hope Jade has the care she needs now.

  • Jade must be feeling better as she is online now, which is good also 1) a and e departments would never send anyone home on oxygen who wasn't already on it at home and 2) ambulance control are trained in giving CPR instructions over the phone and would never hang up on such a situation.

    Anyway I hope you feel better soonxxx

  • Jade has been online all evening since the initial post stating 999 was being dialled, I was under the impression that you were signed out of the message board automatically after 30 minutes? I'm sure there was a thread on here a few months ago asking why it timed out after 30 minutes.

  • her bother was using her account, she was online when she got in trouble, and he had no idea what to do apart from calling for an ambulance, which he did despite Jade not wanting that. ambulance did arrive at about 10.50, and they have both gone to hospital, wish them both the best of luck,

    This should never have happened, hospital were to blame, shouldn't have sent her home as said below, and also agree that 999 operator was at fault, they should have gave medical instruction, but whats done is done, and hope lessons can be learnt, and one i think really important one, everyone should be taught basic first aid at school, tonight just goes to show what it can do.

  • jade

    all I Know is that jade admitted twice today and tonight stoped breathing at home and brother terrified. he new no CPR. I am a senior firstaider and had to relate to him all the latest CPR and step by step what to do,including check pulse.

    Hope to have saved her life and awaiting news on her medical condition,any problem with this post then pm me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jade

    last contact was the ambulance had to defibrillate her in the ambulance.

    SO paul was really good acting on my detailed instructions to the letter and fingers crossed to them and will keep you posted and hope she recovers xxxxxxxxxx

    Any problem with this post then pm me as I was there throuout the whole time.

    she had been to hospital twice and let home on home oxegen,but took another bad turn for the worst xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I'm sorry but no hospital should discharge anyone who is depending on oxygen to be discharged with home oxygen especially a patient who is treated with a Ventolin inhaler alone and is most of the time under good control. A&E cannot do this. And in either case home oxygen serves no purpose other than to alleiviate hypoxia not the asthma attack.

    hope everyone else is doing ok.

    simi x

  • Completley agree with you Simi it just wouldn't happen period. Also if a young person has had a cardiac arrest due to hypoxia the usual tracing is asystole which is a non shockable rhythm.

  • This thread sickens me on levels so low it is beyond belief. There are so many things that simply don't happen in the real world. A&E have no mechanism for discharge on oxygen and the certainly would not do so for someone who has previously been on releiver only. It takes 24 hours minimum to get oxygen put in and that is for urgent cases. Ambulance control would never leave someone to do CPR without staying on the line.

    I have lost friends to asthma, one who died whilt the ambulance were en route and I find this post offensive in the extreme.

    Come back and play drama queen when you actually have a clue or better still get your kicks on munchausens.com


  • Apologies in advance for any offence caused by this post.

    However. Seriously??

    This story just doesn't add up. Why would anyone post such clearly inaccurate yet highly distressing information like this or provide information that led to said posts. It is completely unacceptable and quite frankly disturbing to the extreme that individuals go to such lengths to attract such attention to themselves. Attention that a huge majority of people with this horrible condition would rather avoid, by all means necessary.

    This forum and many of its members have been supportive of myself and many others over the years. To see it abused and manipulated like this is unfathomable.

    Sorry for the rant. Just hate seeing this forum abused like this



  • I don't often post but as a severe asthmatic find this post purely rediculous. Please mods shut it down and take action against the people who are posting against the boards terms and conditions. We don't need this kind of pathetic attention seeking on our forum, we just need to be here to support each other and to provide basic information. This post is just going too far and obviously is upsetting to people who have lost friends and fellow board members to asthma.

  • jade

    I have just rang the number paul gave me but no reply so not sure whats going on with jade.

    I have read some posts on this sight and I can only tell you a little.

    So hopefully she will be ok,I only but the blog up to keep every one informed and her friends.

    and relayed CPR to him as had no knowledge of firsaid.I only know what her brother had told me and only

    put on here bits.

    lots of love go out to them both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • this thread annoyed and frustrated me so much last night that i couldn't respond till this morning. After several of us have had friends die as a result of severe asthma or almost died ourselves due to severe attacks this kind of attention seeking is wrong and very hurtful.

    I am sure i am not the only one who saw this thread in its entireity last night with most of the now deleted posts in place. Please stop editing original posts so they are blank or editing responses to make them look better on 2nd review! This just causes confusion when people read the thread back and they feel they are missing something - which of course they are as stuff has been edited out. Most people when editing posts put stars at the bottom of their post and indicate what has been changed.

    The original post here for example has been through several changes so far this morning and the title has changed several times too.

    The people involved in the creation of this total and utter rhubarb should be very ashamed of themselves. Asthma is a very serious condition and people can and do die from it-most of us on the boards have lost friends to it so to those who are play acting and attention seeking- grow up!

    Sorry - had to get that rant out as its been bugging me all evening! Kat X

  • I completely agree with your post Kat and the other posts. Editing or removing the posts is a sneaky trick to make the rest of us look like we're stating what we stated for no apparent reason. Also removing the posts now makes no difference to those who have already read what was posted and were distressed. The 3 members who instigated this thread should be deeply ashamed of themselves. And I hope the moderators take appropiate action. I like many others on this messageboard have experienced such severe attacks, to think someone was trying to get attention by claiming the same thing was happening is sickening. Additionally, the thought of someone being so helpless about their loved one supposedly having a respiratory arrest and posting on the messageboard is too distressing for words, even though I think this didn't happen.

    Please think before you post in the future.


  • It just so happens that I know an A&E consultant as well as emergency medicine expert in Brighton (happy to give his name if people don't beleive me) and he has confirmed that 1st ambulance control would never hang up on a someone giving CPR and that A&E's can not ""dish"" out oxygen because they don't keep supplies, he said just getting a porter with oxygen to take someone to the ward was hard enough :) He would expect it would take at least 24 hours to get oxygen sorted the only exception is if someone has a terminal illness and they want to go home to die in which case there is a mechanism for oxygen to be put in pretty much ASAP* but again this is normally a little more planned and the request would probably have gone in a day or so before.

    If I came across hard last night I know people were getting very upset by this thread and wanted to de-bunk it ASAP. I make no apology for what I said it disgusts me even now and I am sorry that some posters here have had abusive PM's today. If you want to be abusive then please feel free to PM me with them do no take them out on people who were clearly very very upset by what happened.


    edited to add this oxygen would also come from which ever company is contracted to supply oxygen in the area not from the hospital.

  • I am disappointed in these members involved taking advantage of the supportive nature of the forum and the way it has been handled it is not our place to comment on the severity of people asthma. However I do struggle to believe someone with asthma only controlled with salbutamol inhaler arrested. From past experience these people don’t tend to get as bad attacks as those with multiple medications and when they do they act quicker than us with brittle asthma. I am disappointed that someone has felt they have to execrate the severity of there condition.

    I also noted that J was posting from home the next day and from personal experience even when you don’t arrest and end up in ITU (where all post arrests go) don’t get sent home the next day they are likely to be kept in for a number of days.

    I would also like to point out a sad truth that arrests due to asthma in a pre-hospital setting have very high morality rates.

    I have worked in a Ambulance control room and we don’t not put the phone down on arrests (unless a health care professional is on the line) even if it wasn’t arrest if someone was panicking or was quite poorly with someone young we wouldn’t put the phone down on them. Even if they put the phone down we would phone back.

  • I think now it is best that everyone concerned re reads the terms and ocnditions of their membershiop to the AUK forum and let the mods deal with this from here.


  • There are no admins around, two of the admins are Dr's so no doubt theybg will de-bunk your nonsense, I think the forum software also keeps copies of deleted posts. In mean time please feel free to PM me with your rants and leave the poor truamatised users of this forum alone, you have done enough damage for one day.


    edited I was being stupid 2 of our admins are Dr's derrrrrrrrr

  • I think Glynis you need to realise what Jade/ brother were saying to you was just lies. The internet means ppl are not always their true selves. Yes you were trying to help so its unfair for ppl on here to be so cruel to you, you after all were tricked by Jades lies. Just forget about it now Jades the one at fault, if it happens again just tell them to dial 999 and don't post events on here.

  • Glynis, I don't know what part you had or did not have in what took place last night/today. Please stop editing your posts, it is confusing the situation even more than it is already. I have to be honest I don't believe what was stated to have happened last night actually took place due to the many inaccuacies, which were alarming and upsetting to myself and others.

    I think we would all do well to look at the terms and conditions of the messageboard, and think more carefully in the future about what we say in our posts.


  • glynis im really sorry but please stop editing your posts after people have replied to them it makes it very difficult to keep track of what on earth is going on with what was a total load of rubbish in the first place. I dont believe any of it actually happened last night and whether or not you were just taken in by it or involved in it im not one to say all i can say is that it was totally inappropriate for it to be posted on the forum.

    As has been said reread the terms and conditions everyone as that can only help clarify what is and is not allowed on the boards.

    Till then if your going to post something then post it and if people respond then dont reedit the post to create as much confusion as you can as it is not helping the situation and just infuriates people further. If something is posted and you want to edit it after the effect then do what is the norm on the boards and write what you want to edit at the bottom of your post as bex does/has done.

    As has been said the moderators have access to any deleted posts so they will get to see everything in its unedited form so i guess it will all come out in the wash. Till they do return to the boards please obey the terms and conditions of the board and respect that somethings are not appropriate on a public forum-it is after all an information forum and not a what to do in an emergency forum!

    Thank you. And thanks bex for taking the lead on all the spamming its very good of you. X

  • confused

    just come read this thread now, slightly ocnfusing will all the edited and removed posts, I havent posted on here for a while but I do not have asthma btu a sevre lung disease and am on home oxygen and have been at a high flow for about 2 years. I just wante to say there is no way hoem oxygen could be given out by A+e it would have to come from a consultant the patient would be monitored at first to detrmine waht flow how much they would need arangments for what kind of oxygen e.g liquid oxygen, cylinders or concentrators in teh house which require a back up supply. Also this would then be forwarded to teh oxygen company covering that area and usally a weekish to set it all up apart from if it urgent like terminal illness ven then it takes 24 hours or so.

    so i very much doubt someone was sent home from a+e on home o2 being a MILD asthmatic



  • I have asked Glynis to stop spamming all and sundry and I will try to help her after she PM'd me. I am not an admin thank goodness just trying to end this crazy situtation. Could I please ask people to PM the Admins with copies any PM's they are upset about and report on that you saw happening last night, it will be important for the admins to have as much information as possible.

    Edited to add. I have been in PM contact various people can I ask in a pretty please way please do not add to this thread. I have no power to lock it but for now lets wait for the proffesionals to come along and sort this one out.

    Cathy and Steve I am sorry if I am stepping out of line, I am not going to attempt to sort this mess out that thankfully for me is not for me to do. I will however try to be a temporary stop gap. And sorry for the size of your in boxes.



  • thank you Bex for doing a temp mods job im sure it will be appreciated

  • Hey glynis thanks for everything and am really sorry for upsetting you.

  • Once again ""jog on folks"" nothing to see here and no need for anyone else to post. Lets let this thread sink off the front page and leave it in the hands of the admins who will be back soon...

    I know some of you are preparing accounts of what happened concentrate on those rather than posting here, I would hate a first time user to come along the first thing they see is this, we need to think about how it would look to someone coming in for the 1st time.



    Right. I would like to quickly cap this thread before it goes any further. Please STOP editing your messages, and please STOP making any further comments on this thread. We are looking into this matter.

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