Asthma team and Consultant visit!

Went really well today.The meds im on with taking steroids as I need them on my repeat Is keeping me out of hospital and finaly got control over my asthma.Was told dont need reduce steroids if on them 2 weeks so glad about that and over 2 weeks reduce as normal 5mg every 3 days. My hospital asthma team visits gone from 3 to 6 months now as they happy im in control of my asthma and take steroids when i know i need them and see my doctor if need antibs for chest infections. Im a really happy bunny 80) !!!

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  • Good news then sorry....didn't realise you'd been in hospital with your asthma. Very unusual to have to do slow reduction with rescue steroids anyway.

    Great they've put you on 6 monthly reviews.

  • That is so good to hear Glynis! You have worked hard and been patient to get here. xx

  • So glad the appointment went well and ur severe asthma is now stable without the need of a nebuliser ..

  • Goodness....didn't know you had severe asthma Glynis?

  • Yes dont need a nebuliser as my easyhaler 200 works great for me as a neb when need to multi dose 10 puffs 4 hourly.

  • think we need to define what severe asthma is here, as it seems to cover a multitude of levels.

  • I am so pleased that your appointment went well Glynis, it's been a tough time you have had with your asthma I am so thrilled that it's now stabilised you finally got there.

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