struggling to cope with things abit

i have had asthma since i was very young, (24 now) but since i was about 10 it has been very mild. i'm not as severe has a lot of people on here, but over the past month and a half i have went from no preventers to 4 puffs aday of seritde 250, had antibiotics, three courses of steroids and have just started singular. i;ve got two kids, full time college and work, along with no sleep. i alwats been able to deal with things but i am begining to struggle a bit, sorry just feeling a bit down after having a bad day and needed to let it out!

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  • Sorry hear that you are struggling, I hope things improve for you soon

  • aww! Sorry your not to good.Try get a little power rest when you can and hope asthma picks up also xxx

  • sorry to hear bout your bad time

    feel free to rant and rave as you will find it helps ;)

    many of us on here do it and we all find it does!!

    hope things improve x x

  • Hopefully you will start feeling bit better soon.

    Feel free to rant, i prefer moaning things arent fair actually, but ranting can be fun too :)

  • I'm sorry you're feeling so bad at the moment. When you're used to running a very busy life it's difficult to deal with the feeling that you're unable to cope with everything, but trying to keep on as normal won't help at all. If you're going to get better you need to rest, which means only doing what you absolutely have to and passing some of your usual housework on to someone else or just leaving it until you feel better (nobody's going to come along and steal it!). I don't know how old your children are, but If you can get someone to take them out for a day while you sleep that would be brilliant. If not maybe a day sitting in front of the TV watching all their favourite films and sending out for pizza might be in order.

    Hope things improve for you soon.


  • Thanks for the replies! The heating my work is broke and is freezing so its not helping the situation, but hey I'm sure things will get better soon. I think I just find it hard to ask for help sometimes, one of my biggest flaws lol but it's good to come on here and even just read the posts to know that's there are other people going through the same things! So thank you asthma people lol

  • Also struggling

    I am 48 and also struggling with a new diagnosis of asthma approx 9 weeks ago and now on 3 puffs of clenil 3 times daily and need ventolin regularly. Have just been prescribed Singulair last Tuesday as p/f quite erratic. Have had two asthma attacks, last one last friday which was scary. My triggers seem to be allergies especialy chemicals but no real idea what caused last fridays. As a result of all the coughing now have caused damage to my ribs and am on Co-codamol and Diazapam until I see Chiropractor. Has anyone else felt more unwell after taking Singulair at first? as I do, but feel I should complete month as advised as all of this so new to me. I am finding this all very unpredicatable and scary and am really hoping it will settle down - - guess its all early days..............any advice /reasurance greatly appreciated.

    Heather - hope you are feeling better today.

  • hope u r having a better day. just remember we are all here to listen. if it helps my superhuman powers are a little off at the mo. asthma being tricky cant seem to get control of symptoms its leaving me shatteted. full time work mentally and physically exhausting me. poorly little one, who just wants his mummy. ironing pile the size of everest and currently my house looks like a scene from a horror movie. then to finally make me happy big fat jeans wouldnt stretch around my increasing waistline today. grrr.chell.xx

  • HeatherW, you're not alone in finding it difficult to ask for help but you really need to try. I was having a really bad time towards the end of last year but I just couldn't bring myself to ask for help and struggled to cope until a friend quite literally kidnapped me and took me to stay with her for a few days. I didn't realise how ill I was until I got up one morning and found her almost in tears in the kitchen, trying to summon up the courage to come into my room because she couldn't hear me coughing and thought I'd died. I'm determined not to get into the same state again and I've warned all my friends and family that I'm going to be asking for their help a lot more in the future. None of them believe me, but I really intend to work on it, and I would really urge you to do the same.

    Keep well.


  • i know i really need to, so i have taken the day off college today and my mum is watching the kids, so i'm just having a wee rest and maybe get some work done later on, (i had a pretty bad day yesterday and i am rather sore today) i hope everyone else is doing ok and getting through things!

    But i think asking for help is defo something we all need to do, and another thing is to take our own advice! lol

  • Glad you finally asked, now u can get some rest and help.


  • Hope you have a restful day and feel better soon.

  • Well done for asking your mum to help, and for taking time off work. I hope that a restful day will help you to pick up again.

    You're right about taking our own advice. I'm told that asking for help gets easier as you go along, but I still feel a bit as if I'm taking advantage, even though everyone has really put themselves out to help any time I've asked.

    Look after yourself.


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