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Brain fog!

I am not sure of this is quite the right way of describing how I feel at the moment but I am finding the worse my breathing becomes, not bad, terrible, but just troublesome bad, more puffed but responding if that makes sense, the worse my concentration becomes, I become distracted...find thinking has become ""muddy"" etc. Haven't changed or upped meds so that isn't the cause...not really sure what is causing it but don't like it. Has anyone else had an experience of this sort of thing and if so what can I do about it...thank you

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hi honey,

sounds like poss oxygen levels etc - not enough oxygen getting to brain during attack of sob and other symptoms causing u feel like this muggy feeling and loss of concentration, possibly ??

defo brain fog good name for it!

depending on how often using reliever, take more often for symptoms. or lie down rest for short periods. drink plenty fluids..

hope it improves for u :)

x x x


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